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Looking Ahead to the 2017 Housing Market


  Trends change. They return, like fads. But, trends wouldn’t be trends if they didn’t change. So what should you expect? We asked our focus group of Realtors just this question. Based on decades of market experience and with their combined knowledge of the real estate business in central Indiana, our Realtors shared tips and…

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What Home Buyers Are Looking For

For sale | Tish flooring

If you expect to list a property and sell it at or above the asking price, sellers have little choice other than to present a fully updated, head-turning product to potential buyers. That was a constant theme we picked up on from our conversation with some of Indianapolis’ top Realtors during a recent focus group put…

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Hot Hardwood Trends: Variable Width Planks

In the last few years, the biggest trends in hardwood flooring haven’t been with color—they’ve been with the width and styling of the planks. We’ve seen a definite trend toward wide planks, but now fashionable homes are mixing it up with variable width planks. That means planks that vary from narrow to wide. You see…

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Longer and Wider Hardwood Planks Are In

With most things in life, bigger is better, and now that trend has come to hardwood flooring. In both hardwood and laminate flooring, we’re seeing a continuing trend toward longer, wider planks that give a homey, authentic feel and hearken back to pioneer days. Why is this style so popular? The long, clean lines are…

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2013 Indianapolis Flooring Color Trends

When you browse through a store, you’ll notice a few colors that jump out at you over and over again. This season, it’s coral, neon tones and mint green. For flooring, colors become popular too, but they tend to stay popular for a longer period of time, since it’s such a long-term investment. Rather than…

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Carpet Trends: Soft Is Always in Style

Surfaces 2013 is America’s biggest flooring show. It’s where flooring stores, distributors and manufacturers come together to learn about what’s new in flooring. This year, when it came to carpet, there was one major trend: soft. Softness or feel is always one of the major factors in choosing carpet. Everyone wants a plush pile they…

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Hardwood Flooring Trend: Hickory

We install hardwood in homes throughout Carmel and Indianapolis. That gives us a pretty good idea of what’s popular in any given year. For a long time, oak has been the most popular wood flooring on the market. Whether it was a new construction or a remodel, everyone wanted the classic look and durability of…

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What’s the Most Popular Hardwood Flooring Right Now?

Admit it, you’ve always been curious to peek inside that certain neighbors’ house and check out what it really looks like on the inside. At Tish Flooring, we get to do that every day as we help Indianapolis homeowners decide on what flooring best fits their lifestyle—and we’re ready to dish about the most popular…

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