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Hot Hardwood Trends: Variable Width Planks

In the last few years, the biggest trends in hardwood flooring haven’t been with color—they’ve been with the width and styling of the planks. We’ve seen a definite trend toward wide planks, but now fashionable homes are mixing it up with variable width planks. That means planks that vary from narrow to wide. You see this across many flooring categories including natural hardwood, engineered hardwood, resilient (vinyl) flooring and even porcelain wood-look planks.

But why are random width and wide-width looks so popular? It’s the same reason distressed wood is so popular: it creates a warm, authentic, lived-in look that people love. It reminds us of old barns and old buildings, when lumber was harvested from big trees in virgin forests and milled by hand. Then, variable width planks were just what there were.

Today, of course, we can manufacture flooring to different widths and lumber is harvested from carefully maintained farms and milled with technologically advanced manufacturing process. We no longer need the variable width or wide-plank look, but tastes of owners of upscale homes has continued to fuel the emergence of products that capture the character and uniqueness of older wood floors.  Variable width and wide-plank hardwood isn’t just for traditional homes or those going for a retro look. In a modern home, it can give a pleasantly mismatched, softer edge to more contemporary designs. It makes a space feel more organic, less ‘manufactured’.

And remember, you aren’t limited to hardwood floors. As we’ve discussed, resilient, laminate and porcelain planks that mimic the look and texture of wider and varied hardwoods.  These create an updated look and feel to a space with the durability and practical benefits of tile. Resilient or vinyl planks offer an affordable alternative, are warmer underfoot, easy to repair if needed, and are ideal for households where spills and active lifestyles abound.

If you’re interested in seeing how variable width and wide-plank hardwood, resilient or porcelain  might fit into your design shceme, we’d love to show you what we have to offer. Tish Flooring will bring samples right to your home so you can see them in your light, next to your furniture. And, as always, there’s absolutely no obligation for the estimate or the consultation.  Schedule your free in-home appointment today.