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2013 Indianapolis Flooring Color Trends

When you browse through a store, you’ll notice a few colors that jump out at you over and over again. This season, it’s coral, neon tones and mint green. For flooring, colors become popular too, but they tend to stay popular for a longer period of time, since it’s such a long-term investment. Rather than changing with the season, a particular palate or color family might stay on-trend for several years. What trends are we seeing, and which do we expect to emerge in the future?

Gray Neutrals

People think all neutrals are the same, but there are subtle variations in these classic tones. In the early 2000s, it was all about warm brown and gold-tinged neutrals. Now, however, we’re seeing a shift toward gray-spiked neutrals. From soft gray carpet to slate flooring to hardwood flooring shot through with strands of silver, gray gives a modern and clean look to any room.


If it was hot in the 1950s, it’s hot again. Think black-and-white checkerboard tile floors or chrome accent tiles that bring to mind a 1950s-style diner. You want to use these styles in moderation to avoid making your house look too themed, but when combined with contemporary furnishings, it can be a great look.

Bright Colors

Bright colors are popular in fashion, and it’s creeping into interior design, too. Bold reds, saturated blues and even those neon greens are becoming ever more popular choices. Because the colors are so bold, they might be a bit much for flooring a whole room. Instead, consider using these colors in an area rug or as accent tiles in a backsplash or a bathroom. Not only will that give you bright pops of color without overwhelming the eye, it also gives you the ability to swap colors in and out as styles change.

Natural-Looking Products

Note we said natural looking. Wood, bamboo and stone bring an organic element into the home and create a warm, restful environment, almost like a spa. But many homeowners are turning to lower-priced tile instead of stone or even testing out ceramic tile that looks like hardwood. It’s all about bringing the outdoors in and experimenting with unique materials.

Just remember, styles change, but your flooring needs to be something you love. Not sure what’s right for you, contact Tish Flooring, an Indianapolis hardwood flooring and carpet company. We’ll help tell you what’s hot now and what will work perfectly for your home and your lifestyle.