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When it comes to carpeting, nobody does it like TISH FLOORING!

Our showroom is full of beautiful carpet options from top brands that can instantly add comfort and warmth to any space.

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Why Choose Carpet?

Nothing says home, like soft, luxurious carpet flooring. The warmth it lends to home, the design versatility, and the comforting feeling it gives underfoot make it the ultimate inviting floor style. With our huge selection, warehouse prices, and expert staff, Tish Flooring is your Indianapolis carpet headquarters!

The most obvious reason to go with carpet floor is comfort, but it isn’t the only reason. Carpet’s long life and its reputation for reducing noise make it an ever-popular choice with homeowners. It lessens the surface noise of foot traffic, absorbs airborne sounds and blocks sound between floors. This makes it perfect for homes for families, especially those with children or pets. Carpet disguises many irregularities in the sub-flooring below it and when properly cleaned and maintained, carpet traps particles that can trigger allergies, improving indoor air quality.

Which carpet is right for you?

Even after you’ve chosen to go with carpet flooring, you still have to make the decision of which type of carpet to install. That decision starts with knowing your exact needs. To get started, ask yourself these questions.

  • How will the room be used? There are very different wear needs for a formal dining room than for a kid’s playroom. A dining room needs great stain resistance, but probably doesn’t see a whole lot of foot traffic. A playroom not only needs stain resistance, but it also needs to be soft, comfortable, and durable. By pinpointing the kinds of things you’ll do in the room you’re carpeting, you’ll be able to narrow your options down to the features you need.
  • How long will you be in the house? The average lifespan of residential carpet is 5-9 years, depending on the product quality and how well you maintain it. With proper maintenance, you can keep it in great shape for the full lifespan.
  • Does the room have direct access to the outside? Unlike with tile or hardwood, you can’t just wipe mud or water off carpet. Rooms that might be subject to muddy shoes or the elements from the outdoors need special consideration to keep the carpet in the best shape possible.
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Custom Rugs AND Runners

Choose your favorite carpet style from TISH FLOORING's wide selection and we can custom-bind a new area rug for you, right in our store!

You can customize a rug of any size, shape or color to match your existing decor or to fit in to a redesign!

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While carpets are easy to care for, it's important that you use the proper products and cleaning techniques. This will ensure you don't void the warranty and that your carpeting looks good as new for many years to come!

Find out how to preserve the lifespan of your carpet by following TISH FLOORING's easy care and maintenance guidelines.


TISH FLOORING has been in the business of providing and installing top quality flooring to Indianapolis homeowners and businesses for many generations, so we know a thing or two when it comes to helping you simplify your installation experience!

Our installation team uses various techniques and methods to ensure complete customer satisfaction every time with our professional workmanship that is guaranteed to last.

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TISH FLOORING is the proud retailer of high-quality carpets from reputable brand names!

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