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Carpet Trends: Soft Is Always in Style

Surfaces 2013 is America’s biggest flooring show. It’s where flooring stores, distributors and manufacturers come together to learn about what’s new in flooring. This year, when it came to carpet, there was one major trend: soft.

Softness or feel is always one of the major factors in choosing carpet. Everyone wants a plush pile they can sink their toes into, something that will keep them warm on a cold winter morning or that will be comfortable for sprawling out on in the evenings for family game night. Now, carpet is becoming softer and more affordable than ever with a variety of fiber blends and new collections.

In the past, softness was only for wool carpets. This traditional fiber is as soft as, well, a new baby lamb, but it also tends to be dense, heavy and expensive fiber. That’s not to say it isn’t a great choice; for those looking for reliable luxury, wool will always be in style. But new blends combine wool with either polyesther (poly) or nylon. This gives you the same plush softness of wool but at a lower cost. Poly or nylon carpets are getting softer all the time, too, with luxuriously soft textures that have designers and decorators shifting away from traditional 100% wool styles in increasing numbers.

But fiber isn’t the only item to consider when looking for a fluffy, comfy carpet. You’ll also want to make sure your carpet was dyed with a soft solution. Harsh dyes or bright colors can often make carpet unexpectedly scratchy, so if you’re going for a “wow” pop of color, make sure it’s dyed using one of these soft solutions to make sure it’s going to give you the gentleness you’re looking for in a carpet.

Of course, the best way to evaluate a carpet’s softness is to see for yourself. When you contact Tish Flooring, an Indianapolis flooring company, we come directly to your home with samples of the softest, best quality carpet on the market—all at a price you can afford. You can touch the carpet, stand on it, dig your toes in, and make sure it looks—and feels–right in your home, under your light.

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