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Choosing the Right Wood Plank Width for Your Room

Wood Plank Width for Your Room

After reviewing and debating all your flooring options you’ve decided hardwood flooring is the best option for the room you are remodeling. Congratulations, you are about to embark on a beautiful home transformation! One thing that you can do to really set your new hardwood floor apart from the rest is laying a unique and…

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Everything You Need to Know About: Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring

Finding the right hardwood floor for your home can be a difficult process. But with Tish Flooring’s help, we can hopefully make it a little less difficult and stress-free for you! We’ve rounded up a couple of our recent blogs with the goal of helping you not only pick the best and most fashionable floor…

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How to Care for your Indianapolis Hardwood Flooring

As a responsible Indianapolis hardwood floor owner, you probably know that you need to sweep your hardwood floors regularly. You know you need to use a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar to get in between the wood planks for a nice deep clean. You know you need to have mats at entryways to reduce…

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Spring Cleaning: Freshen Up Your Floors

Now is the perfect time to give your home a good scrub down as we transition from one season to the next. Today’s blog post is all about how to properly clean all of your floors without damaging them. Laminate Flooring Get your laminate floors sparkling clean with this simple, two-step process. First, use a…

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Convert Your Carpeted Steps to Hardwood

Carpeting on stairs is common in most homes. But is it right for you? Are you looking to give your staircase a bit of a makeover? Consider switching from carpet to hardwood. Here’s how to beautify your staircase by switching from carpet to hardwood. Before you start ripping the carpet from your stairs there are…

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Tish Flooring Realtor Survey – How to Add Value to Your Home

Last month we sent out a survey in our monthly newsletter to all of our Realtor friends in the community. We asked a couple of questions about how customers could add value to their home when putting it on the market. Interested to know what they had to say? Here are the results of the…

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Hardwood Flooring Trend: Hickory

We install hardwood in homes throughout Carmel and Indianapolis. That gives us a pretty good idea of what’s popular in any given year. For a long time, oak has been the most popular wood flooring on the market. Whether it was a new construction or a remodel, everyone wanted the classic look and durability of…

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Flooring Trends: Distressed Hardwood Flooring

You would never try to damage your new hardwood floors, but let’s face it, life happens. No matter how hard you try to preserve your floors, you’ve still got to walk on them, furniture still gets moved periodically, and pets romp from room to room. But wood floors have a distinct advantage over all other…

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Match My Home: Hardwood Flooring for Traditional Homes

Hardwood flooring choices are limitless – with its wide array of grains, stains, finishes, board widths and other options, it enriches any home. In fact, sometimes it can feel like there are too many choices. How can you choose what’s going to look best in your home, with your furniture and your lifestyle? Let’s take…

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