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Tish Flooring Realtor Survey – How to Add Value to Your Home

Last month we sent out a survey in our monthly newsletter to all of our Realtor friends in the community. We asked a couple of questions about how customers could add value to their home when putting it on the market. Interested to know what they had to say? Here are the results of the survey.

The first question asked Realtors how often they recommend a client replace their flooring when selling their home. Almost 84 percent of Realtors surveyed said they will sometimes suggest their client replace their flooring. Almost 20 percent of Realtors surveyed said they always suggest their client replace their flooring when selling their home. However, it really depends on the current condition of the flooring. If your carpet needs more than just professional cleaning, you should consider replacing it. The same thing goes for hardwood flooring. If your hardwood flooring could use some freshening up, call a professional to have your floors freshened or refinished. However, you will always want to consult with your Realtor.

The second question asked Realtors which type of flooring adds more value to a home. Almost 84 percent of Realtors surveyed said hardwood flooring adds more value to a home. Only 13 percent said carpet would add more value to a home. So, should you start ripping out your old flooring and replace it with hardwood? Not just yet. There are a few things you need to be aware of before replacing your flooring. Hardwood flooring is a bit more expensive than carpet, and depending on your budget you’ll want to try and save as much money as possible when it comes to fixing your flooring before you sell. High-definition, textured laminate flooring and resilient plank flooring are less expensive alternatives to hardwood that are worth considering. Resilient flooring mimics the looks of natural hardwood, but it is softer, warmer underfoot, less expensive to install and extremely resistant to stains or fading.

If you are really looking to add some value to your home, go through your budget and decide if purchasing new hardwood flooring is right for you. When it comes to carpet, home sellers don’t have to break the bank on luxurious, expensive carpet styles. One tip: purchase a less expensive carpet and invest in higher quality carpet padding. It will make the carpet feel better underfoot to prospective buyers without costing you a fortune!

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