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Choosing the Right Wood Plank Width for Your Room

After reviewing and debating all your flooring options you’ve decided hardwood flooring is the best option for the room you are remodeling. Congratulations, you are about to embark on a beautiful home transformation!

One thing that you can do to really set your new hardwood floor apart from the rest is laying a unique and stylish plank width.

Don’t know where to begin or what you want? We’ll help you through the process.

Your Options

Depending on which manufacturer you go through, you have a handful of widths you can consider.

2-3 inch widths used to be the norm and essentially the only width option. This is not the case anymore as many manufacturers also offer widths of 4-7 inches. Packs of “random widths” are also available and a ver unique option, presenting you a variety of 4-7 inch widths. If mixing and matching is not for you, simply pick one uniformed length for the whole area.


Hardwood floorplan with narrow planks

What’s “Hot”

2-3 inch narrower planks were a very hot look not too long ago, and still look beautiful. Flooring fashion trends, however, have shifted to favor the look and style that wider planks give. Typically, the 5-7 inch range is favored. This size obviously requires quite a bit of room, however. Many manufacturers’ “standard width” hover around 7 inches.

The reason for the change in popularity is that wider planks make for fewer seams in the floor, which many prefer. Wider planks can also give the room they occupy a more spacious feeling. The larger the room, the more popular wider widths become.

However, mixing and matching an area with a variety of narrower widths utilizes the wood of the tree more efficiently and can give a more authentic and natural look. Random widths are also very versatile and work with most rooms and styles.

Hardwood floorplan with wider planks

Hardwood floorplan with wider planks


While the price of your project will depend on the manufacturer, there is one general rule you can use to help your decision making. Random widths are generally less expensive than getting one uniformed width.

The reason for this is because the company you choose does not have to take the time to sort through inventory nearly as long or take the time to rip existing planks to the desired size.

The Verdict

The options for hardwood widths are vast and ultimately the decision comes down to what you prefer. For the fashion-minded, a general rule of thumb is to ride the line. Standard lengths are a safe route as they will always be right in the middle and accommodating to changes.


Think you are ready to find the right width for your hardwood flooring project? Tish Flooring will help you bring your vision to life. Give us a call at 317-879-TISH (8474) to schedule your free in-home consultation or get inspired by our gallery.