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2021 Flooring Trends You Need To Know

Using Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow are some of the hottest 2021 flooring trends

Are you planning flooring updates this year? Keep 2021 flooring trends in mind!

2021 is a great year to plan updates to your home as we continue to prepare to return to life after the pandemic. This year will have plenty of great reasons and opportunities to update your home’s decor and floors with a new look and feel that fits the hot styles of the year.

But just like fashion, flooring trends change from year to year. If you are one of the many fashion-forward people out there planning updates to your flooring, these trends may have a significant impact on some of the color, style, and design choices you will want to make with your floors.

In order to avoid your home’s fashion from becoming a “not,” here are some of the hottest 2021 flooring trends to keep in mind as you plan your updates.

Multipurpose Spaces

After 2020 and all the time people spent at home working and learning safely, the way many people look at their home has changed. The rooms in which we eat, sleep, work, learn, socialize, workout, and everything in between have almost completely merged together. This revelation many have had that their individual rooms can be so much more than their intended purpose is driving a trend for rooms to be able to serve multiple purposes.

Creating a space that is multipurpose sounds simple enough, but it requires careful floorspace planning to feature more open area and flow to be able to accommodate its many uses. And, of course, not just any floor will be able to stand up to all the activity and busy life of a stay-at-home family. Luxury Vinyl Plank is the clear cut flooring of choice for those looking to adopt a more multipurpose home environment in 2021. Waterproof, scratch-resistant, and available in a variety of colors and styles that perfectly mimic hardwood and tile, LVP is the family flooring of choice.

Pantone’s Colors of the Year

Every year, color is one of the defining design factors for every home improvement project, whether it’s replacing your floors, purchasing new furniture, or repainting your living room. 2021 is no exception, and when it comes to color we look to one source above all: the experts at Pantone. This year, Pantone has selectedUltimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow as their Colors of the Year. Gray is no stranger to being a fashionable color option, and this year should be no exception! 

The reason gray is such an incredible color option is it is a truly neutral color that emboldens the other colors around it to help them shine, such as a great bold yellow like Illuminating! Gray is a cool and calming color that works in just about any room with any flooring style. Try incorporating gray into your flooring updates with Luxury Vinyl Plank floorings like , Hardwood like , or Tile like . In rooms with flooring of these shades, try incorporating bursts of vibrant colors, like Illuminating, in the rest of your decor to create a breathtaking contrast.

Hardwood is burning hot

The richness and sophistication that hardwood flooring brings to the rooms it is used in, along with the impressive resale value it provides, makes it one of the most popular and desired flooring styles in homes across the country for the last several years. So, it should come as no surprise that many flooring trend experts believe that will stay the same in 2021. We strongly suggest giving hardwood flooring a good long consideration when looking at your flooring options.

Another reason hardwood flooring is such a popular choice in flooring is its versatility in colors and style. Hardwood comes in a wide range of color choices from dark to light and grays to reds and styles featuring clean cuts to a more natural aesthetic featuring knots and exotic graining patterns. So no matter whether you are redoing your bedroom, study, living room, or hallways there is a color and a look to match what you are going for. 

The one downside of authentic hardwood flooring is of course its somewhat strict care needs, often susceptible to scratches and scrapes and vulnerable to high moisture. Fortunately, the look and feel of authentic hardwood can also be achieved in more budget-friendly and easier to care for forms such as engineered hardwood and Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring.

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