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What is the Most Family Friendly Flooring?

girl and dog playing on family friendly flooring

When it comes to homes with rambunctious kids, curious pets, and busy parents, you’ll need family friendly flooring for your home’s most busy rooms. Family friendly flooring should be capable of providing the comfort, support, and security for all of life’s adventures. In homes were kids and pets rule the house, not just any kind of flooring will do, especially in living rooms and bedrooms.

In fact, only one kind of flooring truly fits the bill. So what kind of flooring is the most “family friendly?” 

Carpet, hardwood, and tile? Oh no!

With very few exceptions, most carpeting while comfy and soft is not up to the challenge. Many carpet styles are very prone to stains and spills both from pets, kids, and food. One spilled cup of grape juice or an “accident” from Fido can leave your beautiful carpet permanently tarnished.

Hardwood is rich, beautiful and timeless, but can be scratched easily by untrimmed pet claws, moving furniture, and heavy boots. Hardwood can also be damaged or warped by moisture, so big spills are a big no-no for hardwood.

Tile is sophisticated, tough and great against moisture, but it is far from ideal as a primary flooring choice for your family living spaces because it won’t provide the comfort you may be looking for. Best to keep it in your bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

That leaves only one final option as the best family friendly flooring: tough, durable, and stylish resilient plank, also known as vinyl flooring! Resilient flooring provides everything your family needs and more in terms of comfort, protection, and durability to support a busy family life.


Spills and little accidents from kids and pets are no worry for resilient plank. Resilient is waterproof, so it won’t absorb water or any other lingering spills. When it comes to protecting your floor and subfloor from moisture, resilient does it best. It is also ridiculously easy to clean! No need for fancy cleaners or special techniques, just wipe up liquid spills with ease.

Scratch Resistance

Whether it is kids with shoes on running around the house, pets with long nails, or moving furniture, busy homes are likely to have their fair share of movement that would result in deep scratches for hardwood floors. Resilient plank can give your living spaces the look and feel of rich hardwood, but is protected with superior scratch resistance over any other flooring. With resilient flooring in your home, you won’t have to worry about your busy family lifestyle tarnishing your floors.


While carpet may be king when it comes to comfortability, resilient plank is nothing to laugh at, providing its own high level of comfort. You may picture vinyl plank as being rigid and firm, but its composition of natural and synthetic materials helps give it a strong cushion and bounce underfoot while maintaining durability. Spending time on your vinyl floors will feel just as nice as some short pile carpets!

Temperature Stability

Seasonal temperature changes can be an annoyance for you and your floors. High humidity or extreme cold can cause hardwood to warp or damage and excessive direct sunlight can cause some hardwood and carpet to lose some color. But not your resilient floors! Vinyl plank has high dimensional stability, which keeps it from warping or damaging under extreme hot or cold temperature.
Resilient plank can provide your family with the comfort and durability you need to protect all of life’s adventures created by pets, kids, and adults alike. Ready to bring resilient vinyl plank home? Tish Flooring carries a wide range of styles of resilient flooring from some of the country’s finest flooring manufacturers. Find the style that fits your family best.

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