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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring: The Low Maintenance Flooring Alternative

luxury vinyl plank is the perfect low maintenance flooring option

When it comes to care and maintenance, not all flooring styles are created equal. We love carpet, hardwood, and tile flooring, but they each come with their own unique demands for care, cleaning, and maintenance make them a difficult flooring choice in certain areas of many homes.

If not properly cared for carpet can get stained, hardwood can get scratched, and tile and grout can crack or chip. Not a great look in any home to be certain, but in homes full of busy adults, kids, and pets this is a more common sight than many would like to admit. 

If only there was a low maintenance flooring choice that could help make life easier… oh wait, there is. Say hello to Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring, better known by many as LVP! LVP is the ultimate low maintenance flooring alternative to homeowners looking for a flooring choice that doesn’t need as much regular maintenance and care as other flooring options, without sacrificing style and aesthetic value.

Looking for low maintenance flooring that’s simple and easy to care for while still looking great? Here is what Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring has to offer.

Easy to clean

While cleaning your floors isn’t exactly rocket science, some styles take a little more care than others. To get the most beauty, comfort, and long life out of your carpet it requires the occasional professional deep cleaning. Hardwood benefits from the occasional waxing and treatment to keep its luster and shine. Tile and stone also requires the occasional need to break out a bucket and a mop for a deep clean.

When it comes to Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring, regular cleaning and care couldn’t be easier! No deep cleaning required and no need to wax it since it is just a synthetic material resembling authentic hardwood. While most styles have strong resistance to liquid, heavy mopping can damage Luxury Vinyl Plank so you can even skip that too and opt for a easy cleaning with a broom or even a Swiffer! 

All you need to do to keep Luxury Vinyl Plank floors clean is regular sweeping with a broom to collect dust, dirt, hair, and other large particles that collect on your floor from the outdoors. You can even vacuum LVP if you want. Just set on a low setting and carefully vacuum it like you would your carpet.

Easy repairs

Replacing or repairing floors after damages can be a frustrating process for homeowners because even just the smallest imperfection requires serious efforts to fix it. Carpet stained or damaged? You have likely got to tear up the carpet in the entire room. Scuffs and scratches on your hardwood floors often means pulling up larger sections just to replace a plank or two. Don’t even get us started on replacing cracked or damaged tile. First you got to carefully get it out so you don’t damage any more tiles, then you’ve got to grout and replace it all over again.

LVP, on the other hand, couldn’t be easier to replace if you find yourself with damaged boards. Because of the unique way in which Luxury Vinyl Plank is installed (which we will get into soon) you don’t need to be tearing up your entire floor just to replace a plank. If you have a single plank that needs replaced, you only have to replace the one plank. We don’t recommend trying to replace damaged Luxury Vinyl Plank on your own, but a trusted flooring company can easily and cheaply help get the job done.

Easy installation

Let’s talk about installing Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring. LVP is installed as a floating floor, meaning Luxury Vinyl Plank is popped and locked into place above your subfloor. When you install LVP you don’t need to glue or nail it in place, it just sits there. That is pretty refreshing when you think about how big of a project it can be to install other flooring types.

Another nice perk of the floating floor is that Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is more forgiving to imperfections in the subfloor. Your subfloor of course needs to be leveled and in good condition before any kind of flooring is installed. However, minor bumps or other issues that may prevent other floors from being installed can sometimes be ignored by Luxury Vinyl Plank.

Since Luxury Vinyl Plank is so simple and easy to install, coupled with a low material cost, making it an extremely affordable as well as low maintenance flooring option that can easily fit the budget of any homeowner.

Want to upgrade your busy living spaces with floors that are strong, easy to install, easy to clean, and low maintenance? Call Tish Flooring to learn more about our wide selection of Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring from the best brands. We’ll bring a selection of samples to you during your free in-home estimate so you can find the perfect look and be sure it’ll look great in your home, in your light, and next to your furniture. 

Schedule an appointment online or call 317-879-8474 today! Or, if you want to see some LVP and resilient flooring styles for yourself, head over to our inspiration gallery to see what your home could look like.