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Get On Board with Gray


If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest or follow the latest fashion trends, you’ve probably noticed that gray decorations are having a moment right now. Gray is the Goldilocks of the new neutral tones craze: not as dark and foreboding as black but not as sterile and plain as white. As designers have infused grays into natural tones, as it appears in nature, grays across the spectrum can be used in any room or feature of your home; flooring, furniture, wall paint, cabinets – you name it.

Gray as the Ultimate Neutral

Homeowners want a coordinating wall and flooring color scheme to serve as a backdrop for décor and furniture. Above all, this is largely because space aesthetics are defined by the elements inside, especially focal points like wall hangings and accessories; items of an interesting scale, size, or color emerge against a subdued, neutral canvas.

For decades the “go-to” unifying color for paint and carpet as all shades of beige. Today, commercial and residential designers alike employ Earth tone-infused gray decoration to tie spaces together. This is because gray can be paired and blended across the spectrum of color – cool, warm, light, dark, rustic, contemporary, industrial, etc.

Gray as a Statement Piece

Gray decoration doesn’t always have to play a supporting role. It can easily take center stage. For instance, imagine dark, dramatic gray feature tiles set against white patterned fields and borders in a foyer; a feature wall of Thunderstorm Gray where a beige tone had faded; or in a similar vein, a multi-tone, Heathered Greige plush carpet softening a Master Bedroom…

You get the idea.

Eclectic design is kind of hard to get a handle on, isn’t it? Well, with gray, it is pretty easy. As mentioned, gray is the perfect neutral shade to use in a home.

What’s Going Gray?

Flooring: Hardwood wide-planks and waterproof resilient plank flooring continue to grow in popularity with designers, custom home builders, and affluent homeowners.

Kitchen Cabinets and Counters: Gray cabinets and concrete countertops are two white-hot kitchen trends. Gray fares well in the two-tone kitchen cabinet trend, and as a result, a second primary color adds visual interest.  Concrete countertops continue to be on-trend as a popular alternative to granite.

Exterior: If you’re considering painting your home, gray decorations should be on your shortlist. For the same reasons mentioned above, homeowners are favoring gray to complement exterior elements like trim, gutter, shutters, and front door pairings.

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Are you interested in seeing gray decorations in action?