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Insider’s Tips for an Easy Flooring Installation


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We’ve been in the business of providing and installing top quality flooring to Indianapolis homeowners and businesses for many generations, so we know a thing or two when it comes to helping you simplify your installation experience. From the moment you start looking for your new flooring to the last sweep of the vacuum once it’s installed, there are some common-sense steps you can take to make your project go smoothly. Let’s take a look at a few.


Flooring that Reduces Time and Cost

More than almost any other factor, the type of flooring you choose for your space will affect how the installation project goes. A while back we wrote about new innovations and product types that minimize demolition time and costs and speed up installation processes. There are numerous options: from resilient vinyl tile, to floating hardwood, to the newest premium laminate flooring that is almost indistinguishable from real wood planks. All of these product types can be less “service-intense” and easier on the wallet as well.

When you schedule your free in-home consultation with Tish Flooring, you’ll work with one of our skilled project managers to help find your perfect fit, figuring out what will be best for your space from installation day to years later.

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A Little Prep Goes a Long Way

Once you have your installation scheduled and you have some lead time, there are a few things you’ll want to think about before the Day One of your job. Use a checklist like this to make sure nothing is put off to the last minute:

  • Are there pets in the home? Make sure you have a plan for them, whether it’s keeping them secured in a separate room during the installation or having someone available to keep them out of harm’s way during the installation process.
  • Will there be other trades in your home during the flooring installation?  If so, make sure companies connect well in advance of installation so that there are no conflicts or delays.  Most professional trades will respect each other’s needs and coordinate so that you don’t have to referee; advance notice to all parties is the key here.
  • Where will all your stuff go? Store or box all valuables and sensitive items before installation day. Disconnect electronics, take down any pictures or wall hangings that may be susceptible to falling in case a worker comes in contact with the walls  Make sure all tabletops, dressers, desks, closet floors, etc, are cleared in the affected areas as well. You want your installers to have no unnecessary things to handle so that your work is performed on the timeline you expect.


During Installation

Installation day is finally here! Though it may be tempting to just sit back and wait, you can still do some small things to ease the process, especially when it comes to dust and noise.

  • Dust is almost an inevitability, especially if there is demolition and removal of existing flooring. There are a few things you can do to lessen it, though. If possible, temporarily turn off your HVAC system (this might not be possible if it’s too hot or cold outside). Cover registers and vents to minimize dust from getting circulated through your HVAC system.
  • Depending on your preferred type of flooring, there may be hammering, power tools, or moving and lifting of materials and equipment. If you plan to be home throughout the installation, ask the crew to let you know which parts of the day involve the loudest processes. Hey, you’ve been waiting for just the right time to prune those bushes in the back, anyway! (Glad we could help!)


Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to take the next step. Do a little more research for some design inspiration, then call us at 317-879-TISH (8474) and schedule your free in-home consultation. If you still need some guidance, check out Tish’s free Hardwood Flooring Guide to learn more about your flooring options.