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Top Picks for an Easy Flooring Installation

Deluxe Matterhorn Vinyl Flooring

Getting new flooring is a process best served by asking lots of questions, planning well, and dividing the process into easy steps. This approach can really simplify things; from choosing the flooring company that is right for you, to narrowing down selections to the perfect color and style, to deciding on scheduling and financing. The last step is a whole new process in itself – the flooring installation.

Some flooring customers will do everything else right, but neglect to prepare for the installation.  This can often result in disorganized, inconvenient and frustrating installation experience.

But have no fear – not every flooring option comes with that baggage. You can reduce your stress and have a beautiful new floor by choosing one of these styles. Let’s take a look!



Luxury Vinyl Tile, commonly referred to as LVT, is a flooring option that has caught fire in the design world. It combines the natural and elegant look of stone or ceramic flooring with the durability and cost-effectiveness of vinyl flooring.

Best of all, unlike tile or stone floor that requires several steps to install, LVT floor installs quickly and usually it can go right over an existing vinyl or old wood floor.  This means no extensive corrective service or demolition to contend with, no lingering odors from mixes or adhesives, and – most of all – only a short time in your home. Often as little as one day!

The icing on the cake? In many cases LVT flooring can be installed directly over existing flooring, saving time and money (maybe a lot of money) and making the entire flooring installation process a breeze.


Floating Hardwood and Resilient – Tile and Plank

Though they sound futuristic, floating floors get their name from a simple but effective installation method. Instead of adhering directly to a subfloor or joists, floating floors piece together by patented tongue-in-groove joints.

Once installed floating floors are nearly indistinguishable from adhered floors or glued flooring. Think of floating floors like a brand-new jigsaw puzzle – the pieces fit together in one solid piece, but don’t attach directly to the table.

Though most often found in laminate, engineered hardwood and vinyl floating floors are also popular. You have a wide array of options for nearly any room in your home.

Whether you opt for a floating type floor or a style that is glued or nailed the best way to prevent a stressful installation experience is with good planning. Get in touch with Tish Flooring and we’ll walk you through every step of the process, making sure you aren’t blindsided by any unseen detail.


Tired of going through the decision-making process all by yourself? We’re more than happy to guide you along so you’re completely satisfied with your finished floors. Schedule your free in-home consultation by calling 317-879-TISH or click the button below. We’ll work around your schedule and bring flooring samples straight to you, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home!


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