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Reducing Dust in Floor Installation

No matter how good your floor installer is, dust is an unavoidable byproduct of new floors. Dust is especially common with hardwood and tile flooring installations, as a certain amount of sawing and cutting is required. For most people this is just an inconvenience, but for those with allergies or asthma, a dusty project can be problematic. Before you hire a flooring contractor, ask them how they handle dust. At a minimum, your flooring company should:

  • Turn off the HVAC system before they start work. It’s uncomfortable when it’s hot or cold out, but turning the whole system off is the best way to avoid circulating dust through the whole house and getting it clogged in your ductwork. Sometimes it is just a matter of disabling the system if the old flooring is being scraped up; it’s not always necessary for the whole course of the job.
  • Close the registers, seal returns and openings with plastic. Even without air blowing through your system, dust and particulates can still make their way into an unsealed system. Make sure your flooring installation team seals vent openings and returns with plastic to keep them clear.
  • Be prepared for some dust. No matter how careful your flooring company is, there’s going to be some dust. When you’re considering new flooring, we suggest budgeting for a cleaning service after the installation is complete. An experienced flooring professional, however, will take the recommended steps to greatly reduce the amount of dust that needs sweeping or wiping post installation.

New flooring installations no longer have to be dusty, miserable affairs. Make sure you’re working with a flooring company who respects your home and will take the proper steps to avoid unnecessary mess before the first piece is laid. At Tish Flooring, we do everything in our power to minimize your inconvenience during the install process. Effective planning and communication goes a long way – and we’ve refined the process well over the course of four generations! If you’re interested in new carpet or hardwood floors for your Carmel, Indiana home, we would be honored to help.