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Coordinating Floor Installation and Other Home Renovations

Sometimes when we work with clients, flooring is the only home improvement project they’re working on. After all, new flooring can make almost any room seem like a different space. But other times, customers are working on a total room, or even a total house makeover. New flooring accompanies new cabinets, fresh paint, new fixtures and tubs and showers.

When you’re working on a home remodel and have that many different pieces working together, it can be difficult to manage all those contractors. Should the flooring go down before or after the cabinets? How does that interact with the painter’s schedule? Can all your craftsmen work together to create an overall design for your home?

At Tish Flooring, we work with other contractors in a variety of ways. Sometimes, we come  in at a very early stage and helping to make specific choices about their flooring selection to make sure it fits in with a larger vision. Sometimes, we collaborate on a timeline with other trades to create a schedule that’s feasible for all concerned, working in two or three phases, or changing a schedule mid-stream. When projects with multiple contractors working at the same time presents logistical challenges, we do our best to deliver a worry-free flooring installation on time and as promised.  Working in concert with other trades onsite (electricians, framers, painters, etc.) helps you rest easy and know the job is getting done. Helping you plan and manage overlapping projects that otherwise would conflict is our responsibility.

If you’re interested in seeing how we can help you choose and install the best flooring for your home in Carmel, Indianapolis or Zionsville, contact us today. We’ll drop by your house on your schedule for a private, no-pressure consultation and help you find a floor you love.