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What’s Under Your Carpet?

Have you ever noticed an extra bounce in your step when you walk across carpet? It is not your imagination and it is not your shoes. So what is it? It’s the carpet pad! You might not have thought much about carpet padding, but it contributes to the overall appearance and performance of the carpet.

A carpet pad, or carpet cushion, is a sheet of foam rubber or spongy material. It is installed underneath your carpet. Carpet pads are either glued or stapled to the subfloor. So why should you have carpet pads installed? They help protect and extend the life of your carpet. The purpose of the carpet pad is to prevent the wear and tear your carpet would suffer if it was installed directly over the subfloor. Carpet pads also help absorb the daily impact of footsteps and furniture. Carpet pads alleviate the day-to-day stress on carpet.

Sure, carpet pads help add a little pep in your step, but that’s not their only purpose. Carpet cushion helps make a room more comfortable. It provides thermal insulation. You might be thinking, “How does a carpet pad provide thermal insulation?” Easy, a carpet pad will stop those cold, winter drafts that seep through porous carpeting. It keeps your home warm and cozy. Carpet padding also helps to absorb sound. This is great for bedrooms, offices and basements.

Selecting the proper carpet padding is a more complex than you might think. You will need to assess which rooms in your home encounter the most traffic. Those high traffic areas will need a more dense carpet cushion. Denser padding will provide you with great support and sound absorption. Less dense carpet padding may be more suitable in bedrooms or areas where there is less foot traffic. You will want to consult with the carpeting manufacturer or the company you plan to purchase your carpeting from. They will be able to provide you with the proper recommendations. When in doubt, call upon the experts.

Carpet padding is also a money saving solution. Are you selling your home and need to replace the carpet? Don’t break the bank on luxurious, expensive carpet styles. Purchase a less expensive carpet and invest in higher quality carpet padding. It will make the carpet feel better underfoot to prospective buyers without costing you a fortune.  Want to learn more about carpet padding? Give Tish Flooring a call at 317-879-8474 or visit our website today!