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FAQs: What Flooring Are People Are Buying Now?

Whenever we sit down with a customer to talk about flooring, there’s one question we hear more than any other: what are other people buying? What’s popular right now? No one wants to be caught with floors that are dated or out of style, and there’s a great deal of comfort in knowing that you are being shown colors, textures and styles that are relevant and current.

When it comes to carpet, we’re seeing a movement to tailored and patterned styles. Less plush than their traditional counterparts, these carpets are easy to care for (or “serviceable” in carpeting lingo), because they don’t have that deep weave where spills and crumbs wind up trapped. The unique patterns are distinctive and subtle, not loud or busy, similar to what you see at a swanky luxury hotel. It’s an easy way to bring a touch of elegance to any room.

Another feature of carpet that are becoming standard in custom and luxury homes builders is softness to the hand. No matter how thick the pile, everyone wants a carpet that’s soft when they run their fingers through the sample, that will feel comfortable (not ‘scratchy’) when sitting on the floor playing with the kids or that just feels good under your bare feet and toes. Manufacturers are responding to this trend, and we are installing ever-softer styles throughout Indianapolis.

In terms of hardwood, hand-scraped and distressed styles are favored for their durability (after all, if it’s already distressed, a few more marks won’t make any difference!) and their distinctive looks. Distressed and scraped hardwood floors are comfortable and authentic, and they work surprisingly well in both contemporary and less formal, casual spaces.

Finally, wide hardwood planks are very on-trend right now. We’re seeing planks of 5inch, 7 inch or wider planks becoming more and more popular. Why? Flooring shoppers associate wider planks with richness and authenticity, versus narrow traditional boards. There has also been increasing interest in multiple widths, for instance 4 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch staggered together…now we’re talkin’ cool.

These are the most popular floor styles right now and the styles that our design partners are directing their clients to — what are you looking for in your next flooring choice? Give us a call and let us help you find the style that’s current, modern and absolutely perfect for you.