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Warehouse Pricing … really.

We are asked regularly, “How do you sell for so much less than the home improvement and warehouse stores”?  We don’t have a secret formula.  In fact, we are proud of our disciplined approach to business.  It’s simple:

1) We contain our cost of goods. We buy large quantities of flooring products in bulk and we often pay our suppliers before the invoice is due.  Excellent credit and volume buys keep material costs as low as, or sometimes lower, than the big guys.

2) We contain our labor costs.  Our installers and service people are compensated fairly to follow our service procedures and to do the job right the first time.  Our claims-to-sales ratio is extremely low: fewer callbacks = lower operating costs = warehouse prices.

3) We run a tight ship. Tish isn’t known for overbuilt, fancy showrooms or relentless television and radio advertising campaigns. Our support staff is “lean & mean” and our systems are tried and true. We operate the business efficiently and without unnecessary expense.

4) We don’t sell at retail.  Our sales team has guidelines for pricing every job.  While most companies seek ways to charge more, we seek ways to charge less.  It’s counterintuitive, of course, but we have found that there is no better way to establish lifelong relationships with our commercial and residential clients than to help them spend less money than they would spend at 1-800 retailer or the flooring department of a home improvement center.

At Tish, you can buy at warehouse pricing…really!

Tish Flooring – the only place to buy flooring for a single bedroom or an entire house at warehouse pricing.