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Mannington Gold Havana Smoked Habanero 100200

Gold Havana

Smoked Habanero

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Mannington Gold Havana Rum 100201
Mannington Gold Havana Tobacco 100202
Mannington Gold Havana Smoked Habanero 100200
Smoked Habanero

Product Attributes

Collection Gold Havana
Color Smoked Habanero
Shade Medium
Species OAK
Surface Type NatureForm® 4G
Application Residential
Size 12' wide roll
Finish Coating Low Gloss
Installation Method Permanent bond releasable bond or loose lay
Description A remarkably realistic 6” distressed oak pattern, Havana features the look of reclaimed wood. Its beautifully refined graining and natural under glow offers a rustic sophistication that can compliment a wide range of looks in any home including Modern, Traditional and Rustic.