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4 Reasons Carpet Isn’t Out of Date

carpet is the perfect flooring choice for children's bedrooms and play areas

There are some of those out there in the “flooring fashion know” that claim that over the past few years that carpet is out of date. While it is undeniable that some styles of flooring like hardwood and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) are particularly fashionable right now with homeowners and home shoppers, we aren’t convinced that carpet has become an outdated or discarded flooring style.

In our mind, carpet provides so much more value to a home than just how it looks. Let us tell you a little about why we love carpet, don’t believe the hype about outdated carpet, and why you should still consider carpet for your home or project!
Comfort is never out of date

One of carpet’s biggest and most attractive features is the comfort it provides! Everyone knows and loves the feeling of getting home after a long day, kicking off your shoes, and walking across a soft, bouncy carpet in your bare feet. A soft, dreamy carpet is one of the best ways to help the stresses of the day melt away.

Besides, for homes that need a play area for kids, carpet is the only flooring that will do. Rambunctious playtime (especially for those with boys) means wrestling, tumbling, and falling requires a soft, cushioned floor to protect them. Carpet isn’t just physical comfort, but mental comfort too.

Whether it is the comfort of relaxing after a long day, the comfort of knowing your children are protected, or the comfort of soft carpet under your feet when you roll out of bed on a Saturday morning, for us comfort is something that never goes out of date!

Protection is never out of date

Many people point to carpet’s weakness to stains from spills and messes as another unfashionable aspect of carpet. While yes, carpet fibers can absorb spills like wine, juice, and pet accidents which can leave unsightly stains and marks if not properly taken care of right away, many homeowners don’t realize just how far carpet has come!

Certain carpet brands, like Mohawk’s SmartStrand, are specifically designed to resist stains, spills, and spoils. That is right, toughness against moisture and spills isn’t just a strength of tile or LVP anymore. 

That means a home with the right carpet doesn’t have to compromise comfort with protection. Whether you have a home full of kids or you frequently like to entertain friends, family, or neighbors, you can rest assured that your carpet provides comfort AND protection.

There are so many carpet styles to choose from

Many like to also talk about the days of carpet styles that, how do we put this, haven’t aged particularly well. We are talking about the days of pink bathroom carpet, wall-to-wall drab beige carpet, and even the days of “groovy” shag carpet. While yes, just like clothing fashion, there are trends that come and go and carpet has so much more to offer than tacky, dated trends.

From frieze, plush, and berber, spectacular and creative patterns, and every color and style you could imagine, there is a carpet style for any home to match the look you are looking for! Regardless of whether you are looking for something modern or something rustic, there is a carpet style that can be perfectly incorporated into your home.

There are also endless applications that carpet can be used alongside its many styles. Just because you have carpet in your home doesn’t mean it has to dominate your home. Incorporating carpet as a stair runner, blending it alongside hardwood or tile, or simply in a few select rooms can create effective and stylish scenes. 

We find it hard to believe that anything that can be so perfectly mixed, matched, and personalized like carpet can ever go out of date!

New carpet can be a selling point

When experts talk about the decline of carpet, one of the main indicators they point to is a lack of interest from homebuyers in carpet. While yes, we have seen recent flooring interest pique with hardwood and LVP, entirely discarding carpet as an attractive option isn’t something we would ever rush to believe.

When it comes to selling a home, anything you can do to make it more attractive and impressive can help reduce its days on the market and help you close the sale sooner. Replacing old or existing carpet with fresh new carpet, especially in the year’s most in-demand styles and colors, can be a relatively low-cost investment that can help you sell your home faster.

The right carpet for you

Carpet protects, carpet comforts, carpet comes in so many styles and options, and carpet can help you sell a tired listing. Any kind of flooring that can provide all of that value is never outdated in our book.

Not convinced? Let the Tish Flooring team help you find the right style of carpet for your home or project! Depending on your style tastes, we can bring a selection of samples right to your door! That way you can see exactly how they look in your space, in your lighting, and alongside your other existing flooring. Schedule an appointment online or call 317-879-8474 today!