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How to Use Stylish Dark Hardwood in Your Home

dark hardwood hudson bay

Hardwood flooring is one of the most dynamic, sophisticated, and timelessly flooring styles. Excellent for entryways, studies, or any room in a house that wants to add a depth of richness to it. Although not the most kid or pet friendly, authentic hardwood has no equal when it comes to sophistication.

For those that closely follow home flooring fashion, it has been specifically dark hardwood flooring that has been on the rise in popularity and used in homes across the country. Dark hardwood’s cool tones, rich depth of color, and sleek aesthetic are strongly preferred for homes looking to bring a trendy boost to their home.

Have you been considering an update to your home’s decor with hardwood floors? If so, now is the perfect time to look into adding stylish dark hardwood flooring to your home.

But, how do you best utilize and take advantage of the unique style and properties of dark hardwood floors? We have some dark hardwood style tips and tricks you can use as your plan for the installation of your new floors as well as decorating tips to compliment them.

Striking contrasts

Dark wood can serve as a base to build the rest of your home’s interior around and can be used in rooms big and small. This is because the dark wood provides such a strong contrast and a statement piece in itself, especially against lighter focal points such as art or furniture.

When paired with lighter elements, dark hardwood can create a modern, voguish look in any room. If colors are added to this combination, a more dramatic look can be displayed. Another bonus of dark wood is that it is less prone to bleaching and keeps its rich color over time with proper care.

Style preferences

Dark hardwood can be styled in a variety of ways depending on the look and feel that you want to create in your home. Glossy floors add a striking finish and tend to be more delicate, while matte finishes can tone the look down. You also have to consider just how dark you want to go. Do you want to go pure black or just a dark brown shade?

Pure black hardwoods are hard to come by, but if that is the desired color, staining your floors that dark can be achieved for a very sleek aesthetic. A popular alternative is “natural black”; a very dark brown with notes of black. Reclaimed wood is another option to check out for a more natural, rustic feel. Which style do you prefer?

What goes with it?

You can make or break your chic dark hardwood floors by how you design around it. Dark hardwood is beautiful and rich, but its unique aesthetic means it also doesn’t just go with everything.

When it comes to achieving a contemporary aesthetic, light furniture and walls are a go-to. Don’t want the contrast? Matching dark wood furniture and furniture legs to your floors is a simple way to keep your space looking put-together. To that furniture, you could layer different textures like leather, hide, and velvet in muted hues.

Add a rug

Rugs add a cozy, rich feel to any room. This accent of color they can give creates a stunning visual effect with dark hardwood flooring depending on the style and placement of the rug. Rugs can even be hung on walls and be used as an eye-catching statement piece. 

Depending on what type of atmosphere you want to attain, one could use a rug to spice it up or dull it down. A darker patterned rug will mesh well with any deep hardwood color or a brighter color and fun patterns can create an exciting contrast.

Are you looking to add a chic, designer element to your home? Tish would love to help you take the leap to dark wood. Call 317-879-TISH (8474) to schedule a free, in-home estimate! We bring samples to you.