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5 Cool Rug Decoration Ideas

Rugs come in many shapes and sizes, and this versatile nature ensures that they can be used for all manner of purposes. They can add a classy and homely feeling to any room. Adding a classy Turkish rug for giving your room that touch of warm formality. Indulge in a soft, thick one where you can sink your feet in and relax after a long day. Set the mood of a room, and make it warm and comfortable by simply adding a rug.

Here are five simple, yet compelling and lovely ways to make a place more than it was before, just by adding a correct rug.

Add some visual effects to the room by combining different rugs

When you add rugs to a room, they create a wide range of effects, depending on their size, shape, color, and placement. By combining multiple rugs in a place, for instance, you can ensure that the room is divided into two visually distinct regions.

However, try and make sure that the colors of these rugs complement with each other. Too much discord in the blending of shades will make the room look cluttered and unharmonious. The carpet should match with the rest of the décor, which brings us to the next point;

Create a theme and color palette

By strategically placing a rug at the right place, you can completely change the atmosphere of the room. Pair a delicately worked silken rug with oriental embroidery along with wall hangings, or even a porcelain vase or bowl for an elegant sitting room.

You can also match the rug with the wallpaper, the curtains, or any other kind of ornamentation. The possibilities are unlimited! The can be used as the focal point of the room as well, ensuring that all attention is centered around it as it gains the notice of everyone. The choice is yours!

Use the rug itself as ornamentation

Rugs as mentioned before, are versatile things. You can even hang one up on the wall instead of a tapestry and call it a wall decoration. You can toss one over a divan or a cluster of pillows and come up with a comfortable spot to lounge on.

If you have a spot near the window, you can also toss a rug there and gaze out of it on a rainy day. To keep up with trends, or even set them, spend time choosing rugs which can me combined with other accessories like pillows or even a new shade of paint for the room as you update its looks, as per the season. Your imagination is the only limit!

Define areas, especially an open plan apartment

Houses and apartments these days increasingly seem to come with an open floor plan, which many find both confusing and slightly too vast to contend with on a daily basis. For people of such a mindset, rugs can help transform the place into something more well defined and clear-cut.

By getting a rug fitting the dimensions of the area you wish to delineate as say the living room or dining room, you can do so. This is painless compared to building partitions, which can make the space all the more cramped. It also manages to add some style and color to the room, ensuring that you make space your own and can have fun in it. Choose rugs that aren’t oversized. However, this can lead to all manner of difficulties, both appearance and comfort wise.

Change the atmosphere of a room as required

Did your painter mess up your walls, and they seem to either be too loud or bland? Are the colors either too bright or too dark? Worry not, the situation can easily be remedied by just adding a rug.

You can either subdue the excessive loudness by picking a suitably quieter rug or make a dull loom brighter by investing in a brightly patterned one. The best thing is that even if you tire of one kind, you can always pick up another kind of rug of almost any kind you want. Make your home more interesting!

A correct rug can make your house a home. You might have to search for it a little, but you will surely get it. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a rug today!

This guest post is from Steph Clarke who is part of the content & community outreach team at Steph is obsessed with interior design trends and how new technology influences design.