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Gold Rush: Shaw’s 2018 Color of the Year

It’s that time of year again when the fashion and style experts at Shaw unveil their choice for the hottest color of the upcoming year. After much deliberation, Shaw has announced their Color of the Year for 2018: Gold Rush!

This year, Shaw is bringing gold back to the fold. Gold will reinvigorate and punctuate. When incorporated smartly into home décor, it can create warmth, glamour and luxury.

“Golden hues evoke positivity, excitement and sophistication.” said Debbie Houston, Shaw Floors Creative Director. “With Gold Rush, styling options are diverse, so color can easily be the focal point or used to accentuate the overall design.”

We are so excited to experiment with all the different applications and styles of Gold Rush. If you are thinking about reimagining your interior styles with the new year, Gold Rush might just be the answer.

Here are a couple ways to best use Gold Rush:

Make Gold Rush Pop with White

There are a handful of colors that play well with gold, but white may have the most potential.

One of the unique features of white is that it’s muted aesthetic allows other colors to break through brilliantly. The pairing of white and gold conjures up sophistication and class.

Whether you use Gold Rush in large, healthy doses like on furniture fabric, an accent wall or flooring or smaller accents like pillows, picture frames, blankets, fixtures or hinges, white will deliver the right visual enhancement to most gold tones.

Try pairing white carpet with Gold Rush-colored furniture, pillows or blankets in your living room or white tile in your kitchen or bathroom with gold fixtures and cabinet hinges and knobs.

Pair with a Previous Color of the Year

Along with white, there are several other colors that will pair well with gold.  Shades of green are at the top of that list.

Gold with green evokes a feeling of change and renewal; this combination is found in the autumn and is an aesthetic cue for natural change and transformation.

In fact, Gold Rush is a perfect pairing with Shaw’s 2017 Color of the Year, Lush. Gold Rush can also pair famously with Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery.

Gold Loves Hardwood

If you are not too crazy about white carpet or tile, no worries; Gold Rush coordinates naturally with many shades of hardwood flooring, too!

In lighter shades of hardwood, Gold Rush can echo gold hues in the grain of many current hardwood styles. When used as a compliment to darker or faded hardwood stains Gold Rush contrasts smoothly and can even brighten darker, less lit spaces. These pairings are best used subtly. Try complimenting your hardwood with gold lamps, knobs, pillows and other smaller elements.

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