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Welcome White Into Your Home

Vinyl flooring


Some people are unsure about decorating with white as a dominant theme; they see it as a tricky color to incorporate when trying to create a warm and inviting space.  We agree that tones of white can feel cold or sterile if overused or improperly used.

But white has a lot to offer, maybe more than any other color. Now, more than ever, white can be a featured element in your home. Open your arms and say “Welcome home!” to this dazzling color.

When properly coordinated, white conveys confidence and sophistication.  White is unique: it is universal, bold and transitional. And we aren’t just talking walls and furniture here! White tones in carpeting, rugs and tiling can transform just about any room into a work of art.

White is easier to clean than ever

We know how nerve wracking it can be having white carpet in your home. With kids running around, dogs and animals coming in and out and the ever-present risk of food and drink spills, white carpets and rugs are seemingly the most vulnerable to stains.

Well, fear no more! Tish Flooring has partnered with the best of the best to bring you the most technologically advanced, stain-resistant carpet products from top brands like Mohawk and Shaw.

Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet has special Nanoloc fibers that repel dander, dirt, spills and stains. Mohawk carpet allows for easy clean up and out-of-this-world stain resistance!  Our friends at Shaw use premium nylon fiber and waterproof backings to disallow liquids from soaking into your carpet. See the magic for yourself!

Although no carpet is stain-proof, with premium, stain-repelling styles from our partners like Shaw and Mohawk, you can enjoy the elegance of white carpets and rugs with the confidence that most spills or accidents have met their match.  As always, in order for quality products such as these to perform optimally homeowners must maintain the carpet and treat stains in accordance with the manufacturers’ warranties.

Use white to bring out other colors

White is a color that definitely plays well with others. Thoughtfully placed white interior elements can make other features and colors in your home emerge in a way that they otherwise would not.

A room with white carpet, for example, can showcase rich hardwood in a Foyer or Family Room, illuminate green interior plants, and or serve as a dramatic backdrop to a vibrant couch or sectional.

You can also use a white rug in the middle of a hardwood or tiled floor. Brilliant white against darker, varied color, or textured flooring will function as an unexpected focal point – which is the whole point of creative interior design: to add visual interest to a given space.










You can also use white walls to bring out more colorful carpets. Imagine how a dynamic a room with red carpeting would look once it is surrounded by brilliantly white walls!

A white room is a blank slate

A room filled with white is an opportunity to unleash your inner designer during the process of remodeling, painting or getting new floors installed. Since white enhances different colors and designs in its role as a unifying element, virtually nothing is restricted and nothing is off limits. For example, white floor and/or wall tile in a bathroom allows you to experiment with different colors for your tub, bath accessories, bathmats, towels and much more.

White carpeting in a living room or bedroom serves as a clean canvas for unique furniture, especially if you like to experiment with painting and refurbishing used furniture.

Want to make your home “White Hot”? Tish Flooring can help. Schedule your FREE, no obligation consultation today and we will bring flooring samples to your home so you can see exactly what we mean and how white can make the rest of your space EMERGE! And, for more inspiration head over to our gallery.