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It’s the 70’s All Over Again

Time travel may not exist, but recently we have been feeling like we’re reliving the 1970’s again. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing – the 70’s were pretty hip years (for those of us who remember).

But, it is interesting how we have started seeing a re-emergence of all things 70’s. Especially the movies and shows we watch. Hollywood has been on a run of rebooting classic TV shows and movies from that era for today, like Hawaii Five-O and Chips.

We also see a renewal of 70’s culture in clothing lines. Take a look around: peasant dresses, floral skirts and bell-bottom jeans are all the rage. It’s Marsha and Greg Brady all over again.

Another area where 70’s culture has been reintroduced is home furnishings. Yes, even there. It is true that some things like shag carpet and ugly, retro floral couches haven’t quite made the comeback, but certain styles have. There is also a trend of “modernized 70’s chic” – combining elements of 70’s fashion with updated materials and styling.

Retro Rugs

If you want to see the impact of the 70’s on the way people are decorating their homes, check out the trend in high-quality, designer area rugs from the likes of Surya and others. Brilliantly bright and floral patterns are dominant. Many patterns are modernized versions of the “flower power” shag rugs of the long-lost 70’s.

Bright Colors are Everywhere

Bright accents are everywhere! In the 70’s, color palettes of homes were not subdued. The same aesthetic applies today. Case in point: last couple Color of the Year winners from Pantone, one of the foremost authorities on home fashion and design: Greenery, Marsala, Radiant Orchid. Bold, bright, statements.

And consider the recent run of colors featured in the latest Spring, Summer and Fall fashion reports for Pantone. Do these groovy palettes scream 70’s to anyone else?

All of these colors are in high demand and can be used strategically in just about every aspect of your home, depending on your tastes and wants. Try featuring brights in pillows, blankets, picture frames, decorative jewelry, vases and flowers. Or, to make a stronger statement, ramp it up and use these colors for furniture, carpeting and even paint for select wall spaces.

Exotic Tile Patterns

We’ve covered the 70’s invasion of rugs, furniture and decorations, but what about flooring? Well, just take a stroll through your kitchen or bathroom.

Today many tile manufacturers have updated their lines to reflect the bright colors and styling from the 1970’s. Tile sizes, shapes and formats can be found that mirror the Age of Aquarius as well.

If you want to find a way to use some of these popular and brilliant colors in your house, a great place to start is your floor! Whether it’s tile, carpet or rugs, there is always a new statement to make. Start with one space. Peace and Love!

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