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From the Runway to your Hallway: Fall 2016 Pantone Color Fashion Report

With the seemingly endless and merciless barrage of heat we have been getting, it is hard to imagine but fall is just around the corner. Soon, the heat, shorts and green trees will give way to the cold, jackets and falling leaves. The changing of the season also means a changing of style in the fashion world and the latest Pantone Color Fashion Report for Fall 2016.

Strength, Confidence, Complexity

This season’s theme is “A Unity of Strength, Confidence and Complexity,” and getting a sneak peak of fall’s color palette will give you a jump start on finding home décor items and colors to perfectly blend with the hottest trends. Inspired by the desire for tranquility, strength and optimism, the colors of Fall 2016 are promptly led by the Blue Family. Riverside (17-4028) and Airy Blue (14-4122) sit at the helm, representing the constancy of blue skies that are always above us.

Other anchoring tones such as Sharkskin (17-3914), Potter’s Clay (18-1340) and Warm Taupe (16-1318), give that feeling of stability, while vibrant colors of red, green, pink and yellow burst through the collection. Colors like Aurora Red (18-1550), Dusty Cedar (18-1630), Lush Meadow (18-5845), Spicy Mustard (14-0952) and Bodacious (17-3240) offer inviting confidence, warmth and a touch of exotic to act in compliment to the solid, earthy tones.

Aimed at acting as a playful but structured departure from typical fall shades of the past, this collection offers no shortage of interchangeability and matching combinations to fit any room, any look and any style that agree with one another, regardless of gender.

Runway to your Hallway

Riverside, the undeniable leader of the pack, takes precedence in this collection and can be paired down the line to give any room a look that is both exciting but maintains a sense of constancy. Potentially paired beautifully with tile, such as Dark Light Polished EVO6, Tarvisio Copper Summit or White J200, will be sure to put your bathroom or kitchen over the top.

Pair Airy Blue with Lush Meadow, Warm Taupe or Dusty Cedar in your living room or bedroom with hardwood, laminate or resilient wood flooring like Glacier Oak, Premio Plank Salerno or COREtec One Surfside to achieve that fresh look and feel of nature in your own home.

Even cool, earth tones such as Warm Taupe or Sharkskin offer their own edge and are versatile when paired in your living room with Guided Path Carpet or Polished Comfort Carpet in Soft Taupe or in the bedroom with Lifeguard Real Achievement Carpet.

With new Tish Flooring, a lush new collection of high-fashion colors and your imagination, the possibilities are limitless!

Check out the full report here to find all the best color combinations and be sure to visit Tish Flooring to look at samples and find the best new flooring option to create the best fall palette look in your home.