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What’s the Appeal of $400 Jeans?!

Fashion is a funny thing.

Fashion influencers and those in the know are always pushing the envelope. Sometimes it looks amazing, sometimes we scratch our heads.

Tish Flooring is all about exploring and embracing the latest and hottest trends. But, even we were taken aback when we learned about a pair of jeans being sold at Nordstrom that almost broke the Internet.

These jeans (which are currently sold out) are extremely distressed and come caked in muddy-coating that doesn’t wash off. The idea is… interesting, but the $425 price tag is what really threw us for a loop.

Looking around on the website, there are other equally paint-covered, worn or otherwise “destroyed” jeans and pants selling for hundreds of dollars.

So why would someone spend $400 on a pair of jeans?

Distressed jeans and clothing is nothing new in the fashion world. Bleached jeans, holes shirts and pants and even worn leather are high-profile and fashionable styles.

The reason items and styles like this are so popular is the same reason people find men with messy hair and stubble facial hair so attractive. The disheveled, tortured individualist. James Dean, River Phoenix, Steve McQueen anyone?

From the runway to your hallway

The focus on distressed and ruggedness is not restricted to just personal fashion. The interior design and furnishings world has also embraced this trend, especially with hardwood flooring. We recently talked about this as one of the hottest 2017 hardwood trends.

Naturally distressed hardwood features more natural characteristics like grain patterns, colorations, knots, random streaks and even worm holes than processed, more clear grades of hardwood.

This kind of rich and authentic character is extremely popular with homeowners and simply cannot be achieved with wood products whose natural characteristics and imperfections are hidden by uniform staining and board finishing processes. Natural streaks, textural variations and random colorations equal personality and, yes, individuality (there’s that word again).

It is possible to achieve a rugged, natural appearance through small amounts of machine styling, but remember that less is usually more!

For the same reason someone would spend $400 on a pair of jeans, naturally distressed hardwood has caught fire in the world of home fashion. Refined yet rugged, varied and inconsistent, lightly distressed hardwood is one of the hottest home flooring styles.

With partners like Shaw, Mohawk and Mannington, Tish Flooring can help you find the most current style in hardwood, carpet, tile or resilient and laminate planks.

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