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Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2017

They say fashion is never finished. Well, the same is true for flooring fashion.

We are well into 2017, which means the hottest flooring trends are beginning to emerge. One flooring category that continues to evolve in interesting ways is hardwood flooring.

2017 is already taking shape as a perfect opportunity go bold; to make a statement. So, if you are in the market for new flooring and you are intrigued by some of the new directions taken by innovative mill designers here are the hardwood flooring trends to watch.

Hardwood is red hot

Every year it seems one kind of flooring grabs holds of people’s imaginations. For 2017, this is definitely hardwood flooring.

In response to the immersion of screens and digital technology we are faced with all day everyday, many are embracing hardwood floors as a way to infuse a natural essence of things. This mindset is one reason Pantone named Greenery as its Color of the Year.

While cool metals and grey-tones continue to be very popular, hardwood as a colorful and textural juxtaposition creates dimension and contrast.

Wide hardwood in open spaces

Hardwood looks breathtaking just about anywhere you decide to put it. However, the most popular areas to lay hardwood in 2017 are large, open spaces and spaces that are connected by common use.

Whether it’s the foyer, study, dining room or living room – or all of these – the most commonly shared areas of the home are often the best suited for hardwood. But, it isn’t just any type of hardwood; in order to visually “open up” spaces you have to think long and wide.

Longer/wider equals authenticity. Shaw’s EPIC Plus Extreme Nature line of hardwood flooring fills all of your need areas. With rustic styles like Monument Hickory, Shaw’s hardwood creates a visual impact with its staggering staggeringly long and wide planks measuring 9 ¼” wide by 82 ½” long!

Organic character 

Hardwood offers a unique richness because every plank has unique graining, color, and textural character. When hardwood is crafted properly and laid with care by a skilled worker the sense of a space on loan from nature is one that is very hard to replicate.

Because a fresh, organic aesthetic is so sought after currently, one of the biggest trends in hardwood flooring is a plank that simply reveals the character of the wood (i.e., grain pattern, colorations, etc.) versus boards with a mix of rustic machine-made treatments to add more character.

What does that mean exactly? In 2017, rather than “over-styling” the planks with excessive distressing techniques, i.e., saw marks, chatter marks, heavy hand scraping, etc., those styled with lesser distressing or “special effects” – and more natural, unaltered beauty – tend to appeal to the more subdued tastes of the design community.

Popular board choices are also those that are less uniform and have distinct differentiation and color contrasts between the grain and between boards. And short boards? No problem.  Long boards? Great. Random mineral streak or worm hole? Check!

Want to bring the hottest hardwood flooring trends and fashion into your home this year? With partners like Shaw, Mohawk and Mannington, Tish Flooring has all your options covered and can help you find the best style for you.

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