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Why Rugs Rock

“It really ties the room together, man.”

Big Lebowski quotes aside, rugs are the perfect complement to any home and living space.

Rugs and new flooring – be it hardwood, resilient plank, laminate, whatever – really do go hand-in-hand. That is why Tish Flooring is so excited to have recently joined forces with Surya, one of the world’s top home interiors brands, and to now offer a massive assortment of premium, high-style area rugs.

It’s true: a carefully selected area rug can deliver both visual and everyday lifestyle benefits. Here are just a few:

Define or Create a Theme

An area rug can add creativity and inspiration to almost any room. It can be used as an extension of a particular aesthetic or theme that you are trying to establish in a room. For instance, if you want a space to feel warm and inviting, place a rich-colored, long pile, plush rug on top of your natural hardwood or laminate floors. For balance, incorporate one of the wall paint colors by selecting an area rug that offers at least hint or more that feature color.

Finding a rug with a soft, unique pattern to use over marble or other subdued tiles can help give a room a sense of sophistication. Some tile and stone surfaces aren’t too forgiving underfoot. The right area rug will serve to soften that space both physically and aesthetically.

Not sure what to do with a room? A rug can also be used as a jumping off point or a centerpiece to build an around which to construct a design scheme. It could be a particular pattern, color or style that functions as the common design element in furniture, pillows, accessories, etc. (By the way, Tish and Surya have incredible pillows!).

Reduce Noises

We absolutely adore hardwood floors. (We better – we install thousands of square feet every week!). But, over the course of years of use, a squeak or pop can develop in virtually every wood flooring application.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that the floor is in any way failing, some people like to eliminate or muffle these sounds. An area rug provides an extra buffer on the floor to not only soften the landing of your feet but to help mitigate certain noises in hardwood floors that occur naturally over time.

Helps Protect Your Floors

So, area rugs add all kinds of style and design benefits to your home and they obviously add comfort and are good for popsicle toes in need of warmth. But they are also good for your hard surface floors too!

Chairs, tables and other furniture can scuff and scar floors when shifted if the bottoms are not protected. Shoes and boots can also cause visible wear over time as can tracking in grit from the outdoors. Strategically placed rugs in living rooms, dining rooms and areas with high traffic can help prevent the regular wear and tear of living in your home by reducing these effects.

There’s a Rug for Every Room

You may have a notion that all area rugs are essentially the same, but again you would be mistaken.

Surya rugs come in a wide variety of styles, colors, tones and patterns. Wool, nylon, olefin, sisal, leather; hand knotted, hand woven, flatweave, machine tufted; traditional, contemporary, casual; rectangle, octagon, round, runners, etc., etc., – no matter what idea you want to convey or scene you want to create, there is an area rug that will tie together any space at Tish Flooring, Dude!

Ready to start? Tish Flooring can help you find the right rug for your Indianapolis area home that will perfectly complement your tile, laminate or hardwood floors. Call 317-879-TISH (8474) today or schedule your free in-home estimate online. We bring samples straight to you!