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Springtime Flooring Roundup

We are so happy it’s finally spring time – hellloooo sunshine! Soon branches will be full of leaves, neighborhoods come alive with bright green lawns and flowers, and that biting winter wind will be tamed by warm, light gusts. Time to trade cold-weather hats and gloves for t-shirts and shorts. Spring is also the starting point for exploring changes to your home that you’ve been imagining.

Unlike any other interior element, flooring can set a new tone and mood for one room or the entire home. Whether you just want a subtle update or to venture down an entirely new path, there is no better time than spring to make a new design statement. We put this little roundup together to help you make the best decisions for your springtime flooring makeover.

Best Flooring for Wet Basements

We may be through with snow, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean the poor weather is gone for good. Springtime in Indiana means rain (and usually lots of it) – which could also mean some basements are at risk of water intrusion or excessive moisture in the slab. Sometimes no matter what precautions you might take, from installing a new sump pump to fixing structural or drainage problems to re-grading, your basement can be affected by moisture or water, ruining your floors. We see it hundreds of times each year. One step you can take to minimize damages and repair costs is to choose a flooring type for your basement that will resist water damage and not force you to replace it after a huge downpour. Here are some of the best and worst basement flooring options.

How Important is Carpet Padding?

Carpet is the softest and warmest type of flooring. Nothing quite like sinking your toes into a deep luxurious carpet, right? But, there is a big part of carpeting that often goes underappreciated: the pad or cushion. This component of a carpet installation is not a top-of-mind consideration for most people. But if you are planning on installing new carpet for your spring project take heed! Just how important is carpet cushion? This blog post will offer important basics and what to look for when you are comparing carpet cushion options.

Protect Your New Floors

Now that you have chosen you beautiful new floors it is time to protect them. Seeing stains, scuffs or scratches on your new floors is every homeowners’ nightmare. Spring opens up multiple opportunities for these kinds of things to happen. Kids and pets constantly running in and out of the house to enjoy the weather. Mud from the rain tracking in behind you. The list goes on and on.

This post is full of clever and simple tricks and tips to help keep your new carpet, tile, hardwood or laminate looking better for longer.

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