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Protect Your New Floors

It’s every home owner’s nightmare: finding scuffs and scratches on your brand new hardwood or vinyl flooring floors. You’ve just spent a lot of time, money and energy making your home sparkle with brand new floors, and within weeks they are already beaten down by wear and tear.

While normal wear and tear over time is unavoidable, there are precautions you can take to ensure your floors stay cleaner, protected and looking better for longer.

No Shoes Policy

You just had those floors installed, why wouldn’t you want to feel and enjoy them? Take your shoes off and let your feet take in the wonderful feeling of walking on fresh floors.

By taking off your shoes before you enter the house, you can significantly reduce the risk of tracking in dirt and grit that your shoes will grind into the surface. Just go barefoot or wear socks. Maybe invest in a pair of fuzzy house slippers!

Mats and rugs are your friends

Mats and rugs are the perfect solutions to high-traffic areas where much of the damage can take place. A mat just in front of outside doors and inside the house can help catch unwanted dirt, water, salt in the winter time and other harmful material from following you in the house.

A rug in the dining room where chairs are constantly being pushed in and out will serve as a buffer. Have a rolling chair in your home office? A plastic rug can keep the wheels from harming the floor. There are plenty of very nice fashionable rugs available that won’t cost you an arm and a leg that will look great in your home.

Use padding on furniture

This is not as big of a concern for larger pieces of furniture that do not move often, but pieces that do like chairs and couches should get a little extra protection to ensure your floors health. If you prefer not to put them on a rug – which is understandable since they cover up your beautiful floors – there is an alternative in the form of felt padding.

Unnoticeable, strong, relatively inexpensive and easy to apply to the feet of your furniture, these pads add a nice little buffer of protection between the chair and floor so when they move they don’t grind and scratch the surface.

Clean regularly

We know sweeping, mopping and polishing can be a real hassle and you sometimes feel like you can get away with doing it every now and then. However, regular cleaning can go a long way in keeping your floors looking great. Regular care cuts down on dirt, grit and grime to keep your floor healthier and looking better. Besides, you always want your floors to be nice and clean when you entertain guest.

Upgrade to Mannington

Tish Flooring would like to make another suggestion for preventing dings, scuffs and scratches in your floors: upgrading to Mannington!

You may have heard, but Tish Flooring is now home to Mannington products including Mannington Hardwood, Adura, AduraMax and Restoration Laminate. Mannington sets itself apart from the rest of the field when it comes to scratch resistance.

Each Mannington product is coated with a patented formula combining urethane and aluminum oxide which creates the strongest and most resilient flooring surface out there.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

Your home deserves the best floors, so why not upgrade to Mannington today? Call us today at (317) 879-8474 (TISH) to schedule your free, no obligation in-home consultation to see how great Mannington would look in your home.