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Creative Ways to Display Copper Decor in your Home

Copper kitchen utensil on the white painted brick wall


gibson_ronique-high-resolution_-verticalOur guest blogger Ronique Gibson of Stagetecture brings us a look into how to bring to effectively and creatively bring copper into your home in a variety of unique ways. Be sure to check out her blog!

Autumn is the perfect time to bring warm colors and natural textures into your space. That’s why copper décor leads as this season’s latest growing trend among home owners interested in bringing a sophisticated touch to their abode.

Bring warmth to your home office or bedroom or a touch of glam to your kitchen with some of these creative ways to display copper metals this fall.

Bring festive copper kitchen accessories into the light

Copper is a metal which is equally beautiful when it’s shined to a high gloss or rustic with an aged patina. Add glimmers of coppery accents to your entertaining this autumn season by displaying cookware, baking accessories and other kitchen gadgets. It is easy to add sparkle by installing a hanging pot rack or pegboard on your kitchen wall to show off your favorite copper decorative items.

These displays add a bit of function too, as your favorite cookware is now within arms reach as it hangs on the wall above your stove.

Copper kitchen lighting is trending in home decor

Browse the pages of any interior design magazine and you will see beautiful copper lighting. Transform your space as you select hammered copper pendant fixtures, mid-century designs or a stark industrial style to illuminate your kitchen.

Copper lighting isn’t just about the color; these exciting features come in a range of interesting shapes too. I really like the idea of mixing and matching styles, including copper artichoke shaped fixtures  to achieve and eclectic blend or  Moroccan-inspired lighting fixtures – some with tiny pinholes which allow light to cast delightful, unexpected patterns on the walls!

Search Pinterest using the phrase “Moroccan pinhole lighting” to see examples of these gorgeous fixtures.

Bring copper decorative items into your living spaces

Mix and match natural copper shades with pumpkins, gourds, and pinecones. If you are a do-it-yourselfer (DIY’er) take your favorite gourds and pumpkins and add a copper leaf to the outside. Similar to applying gold leaf with a paintbrush, the copper leaf is sold at most large art and craft supply stores. Create table scapes on your foyer entry table or dining room table with copper-leafed pumpkins, acorns, and pinecones in a wooden bowl for a gorgeous display.

Copper pairs beautifully with leather, driftwood, straw and glass hurricane candle holders. Incorporate these materials throughout your interiors in your guest bedrooms, bathrooms and bookshelves.

How to use copper accents in your furniture

While using copper as a central metallic theme in your decor will turn heads, there are also ways to use it sparingly as an accent to add interest to any space. Copper has become the new black and it compliments every color under the sun. In the bedroom copper headboards and footboards along with drawer pulls, knobs and other hardware will instantly add warmth.

Place copper lamps on nightstands which will anchor both sides of the bed and give your entire bedroom a look of modern grandeur. Many designers enjoy pairing copper with deeper colors like burgundy, hunter green and deep neutrals like heather gray and chocolate brown as well.

This season if you’ve been looking for ways to add warmth and dimension to your interiors look no further than rich, gorgeous copper. From your kitchen to the bedroom and every room in between you’ll quickly see why this metal is becoming the showpiece in modern interiors

Love the feel of copper? You can enjoy it all year round by adding copper decor and copper colored tile to walls and floor. Check out our tile gallery for examples of how you can bring copper into your space.