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4 Reasons Carpet Isn’t Out of Date

Shaw-Carpet | Tish flooring

There are some of those out there in the “flooring fashion know” that claim that over the past few years that carpet is out of date. While it is undeniable that some styles of flooring like hardwood and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) are particularly fashionable right now with homeowners and home shoppers, we aren’t convinced…

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Flooring With the Best Resale Value

Keystone_Oak | Tish flooring

If you are working towards putting your home up on the market in the coming years, considering the resale value of your home is very important. Even if you believe you are in your forever home that you want to keep in the family for generations, taking care and improving the value of your dream…

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Getting Your Floors Ready for the Holidays

Dining room flooring | Tish flooring

While many of us prepare for a slightly different holiday season this year, whether you are doing virtual get-togethers or just a much smaller family gathering, it is nonetheless a magical and fun time of the year. For all the hosts out there, it is also the time of year that you want your home…

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Best Way to Get Mud Stains Out of Carpet

Little girl in muddy shoes messing up carpet at home | Tish flooring

Dirt and mud stains on carpet are an all too familiar headache for people with busy homes. Unsightly and annoying, mud stains are especially devastating on white, beige, or other neutral-colored carpet colors that are popular in many homes. As soon as one muddy boot or shoe print appears, it needs to be taken care…

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Get Your Carpet Holiday Ready

Living rom area | Tish flooring

Company is coming and you want to put your best foot forward. So, as you are tidying up, don’t forget to look down at your carpet. We’ve got some creative quick-fix suggestions. Start by vacuuming up the dust bunnies and spot cleaning the big stains then take another look. Have you reached the point where…

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Tips for Creating the Perfect Basement

French-Meadows-Accent | Tish flooring

Winter in Indiana means much more time spent indoors avoiding the sleet and snow. While your home may be a nice warm shelter from the bitter cold, it can be easy to feel a little cooped up. Giving yourself and your family members plenty of their own space. But with only so much space, where…

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Family Room Floor and Décor Roundup

Posh carpet for living room | Tish flooring

There is no more well-loved and well-used room in your home than the family room. It’s the room where laughs are had, kids and pets play and memories are made. Your family room decoration and decor should be a reflection of the warmth, love and vibrance the room generates. Need to spruce up your family…

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Mohawk’s Air.o Hypoallergenic Carpet

Grey Carpet flooring | Tish flooring

Did you know there’s such a thing as hypoallergenic carpet? According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), over 50 million people in the United States suffer from allergies. For families who have to contend with allergies each year, flooring choices are a major consideration. There’s a perception among consumers that carpet is…

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Can Pool Water Chlorine Hurt Your Floors?

Water has spread on a timber floor | Tish flooring

Avoid water damage to your floors as  you take kids to the pool on a hot day . Sure it is as fun-filled of a summer activity as they come. It’s even better, however, if you have a pool at home. No fuss packing a bag, traveling or dealing with a crowded pool. What’s not…

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5 Things Home Buyers are Looking for in 2018

Cabinets | Tish flooring

Spring has nearly sprung which means home buying and selling season will soon be in full swing. “For Sale” signs will soon be popping up left, right and center, open houses will be held and moving trucks will start hitting the streets as folks move into their new homes. In real estate, a house that…

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