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Form and Function: What you should know about Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Floors

The right flooring transforms a space and creates an atmosphere. But your floors need to do more than look good they need to be sturdy, reliable, and low-maintenance.

The emphasis on function is most critical in areas exposed to moisture and heavy traffic. For well used and often messy bathrooms, mudrooms, and kitchens or basements where flooding can occur and moisture can easily accumulate; there is an excellent new option:  Wood Plastic Composite flooring, or WPC.

What is WPC?

Built in layers, WPC gives you the look of hardwood with water resistant benefits you thought you could only find in a vinyl floor.  Waterproof floors won’t swell or stain when exposed to wet or damp environments. This is due in part to the unique cork backing on the floor that provides a moisture barrier and insulation.

The idea of using composite construction isn’t really new.  In the early 1990s wood-plastic gained  popularity in outdoor applications such as decks, railings, fences, landscaping timbers, benches, molding and trim, window and door frames, and outdoor furniture.  Touted as more environmentally friendly and requiring less maintenance than solid wood treated with preservatives it was only a matter of time before WPC made its way indoors.

Today a number of manufacturers are incorporating this composite product into their offering.  One brand we are impressed with, the COREtec Plus product, comprised of  four layers serves a distinct function.

The cork under layer

This layer simplifies installation since it can be laid on any type of sub floor because the cork absorbs some of the imperfections of the existing subfloor.  This says both time and money because there is no need for the additional sub floor.

When properly installed, the cork naturally resists mold and mildew making it an ideal choice in damp locations.  And in a house full of children and pets, rooms with WPC may be a little quieter because this cork layer provides additional sound insulation.

COREtec Core Structure

This extruded waterproof core is extremely stable and will not expand or contract under normal conditions. This helps prevent warping or buckling.  And the glueless profile means the layers won’t separate over time.

Vinyl top Layer

Durable and resilient, it will resist both chips and dents. This floor does more than stand up to whatever you throw at it.  It does it with style and beauty because it is available in a wide variety of styles from narrow to wide plank and even tile designs.

Wear Layer

This is really the icing on the cake. The wear layer protects against excessive wear, making it easy to clean small spills and resisting stains for a finish that will look good year after year.

WPC  for the long haul

We are excited about all the new developments in flooring technology which allow us to offer customers the latest in fashion and function at an affordable price.

Interested in learning more about WPC?  Invite us in for a free home estimate.