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Prepping for Installation

Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring

So, you purchased some new flooring. Congratulations! Whether you purchased flooring during Tish’s Holiday Flooring promotion or you’re starting a remodel, it’s time to get ready for your flooring installation.

Discuss the Details

Like any home improvement project the key to a smooth flooring replacement is in the planning and knowing the right questions to ask.  If there is flooring to be removed ask your flooring professional how long it might take, what steps can be taken to reduce any mess that might be created, and what type of savings there will be if you are ambitious enough to handle the removal yourself.  You’ll want to verify whether the installers will move the furniture, but more importantly find out what they do not handle so you can make arrangements as needed.  Most flooring companies will handle couches, beds, desks and large pieces, but electronics, fish tanks, certain types of appliances, antiques or other valuables may not be included.

When you’re having new hard surfaces installed (i.e., tile, hardwood, laminate, etc.) talk to your flooring professional about whether baseboards or quarter-round moulding might need to be removed and reinstalled or replaced altogether.  And ask about how transitions will look and function where two different types of flooring meet – between tile and carpet, for instance. Also, if the new flooring you’ve chosen is higher than your previous flooring, you may need to shave down the doors in the room in order to increase the clearance between the bottom of the door(s) and the flooring.

Handling Furniture and Getting the Areas Ready

Once you’ve figured out who will move the heavy objects, you’ll want to prepare the area(s) prior to installation day. Start by removing the desk top and tabletop items, storing or boxing loose articles like books, paperwork, toys, etc., and disconnecting electronics that are to be moved. Next, remove any painting or decorations from the wall that are fragile or may get scratched or damaged or that could come off the hook and fall if a wall is bumped into. Do things like strip bed linens and clear closets floors completely. The point is to leave on the larger items for the installation crew if furniture handling is part of the agreement.

Once the Job Begins

The day of the installation, your house will have technicians going in and out. There may also be some noises to contend with such as some banging from hammers and machinery such as air compression equipment, electric nailers, etc.  And there will likely be tools and equipment scattered in the affected areas as well, albeit it temporarily.  If you have pets, make sure they are safe and completely out of the way of the work. Many projects take multiple days, especially tile, hardwood, laminate, etc., so always be aware that renovation projects can exceed the duration that your flooring professional estimates.  This is especially true if your floor is determined to require corrective service once the subfloors or other components of your home are being addressed by the installer.

Most professional companies experienced in residential replacement projects have protocols in place for keeping jobsites as clean and orderly as possible.  Nevertheless, renovations require patience by everyone involved in the process.  If you ask the right questions, plan, and prepare the experience overall should be a good one.

If you have any questions about your upcoming flooring installation whether it being done by Tish Flooring or your own installer, please feel free to call us with questions. 879-TISH (8474).