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Why Big Box Stores Don’t Have the Best Prices on Flooring

Often, we do estimates for customers after they’ve already gotten pricing from a big box store. People are shocked when they find out how much lower our prices can be than the big-name players. But really, there are a few simple reasons why some believe big boxes have the best prices. Here’s why you’re paying more than you think when you shop at that big box:

  1. Big box stores use gimmicks. You’ve probably heard of loss leaders. They’re the bait that a store uses to get people in the door, knowing they either won’t have the item in stock or that they’ll convince the customer to pick up another expensive purchase. You hear this term around Black Friday sales, but it happens all year long and is a favorite tool of the big box stores. You look in your local paper and see that the store is having a big sale on ceramic tiles, let’s say. You get into the store and you find out that sale is only good on one particular color of tile, or they have an extremely limited quality. You might even find that the item is sold “as is,” which means it might have some defect. You may find a good deal, but only if the color or style in stock perfectly fits your project – and that may be a long shot.
  2. Big box stores offer “whole-house installation for $37 or $49.” Stores promote this as a fair, up-front way of pricing installation. However, if you read the fine print, you might find that it’s a complicated process. Many stores only offer whole-house installation on selected flooring products at inflated retail prices.  So, they over-charge for the flooring in order to sell the installation cheap.  But wait – that’s not all!  In order to make up for the $37 or $49 “whole house installation” gimmick, the big Home Improvement stores also charge very heavily for everything from moving furniture to ripping up your old flooring and hauling it away – even for tackstrips, delivery fees, basic steps, ‘surcharges’, charges for dumping, miscellaneous service fees, etc., etc. Your best bet: get the bottom line, all-included price and then compare, compare, compare!
  3. You’re paying for advertising. You can’t turn on a TV or a radio without hearing an ad for some big box store or another. The repetition of these ads have an effect on all of us, even if we aren’t completely aware of it. They seep into our subconscious and cause us to trust and remember their advertisements, commercials and jingles. But who pays for all of that marketing? It’s got to come from somewhere. Those advertising dollars can be found in the retail prices of those big brands and in the often-over priced products and services that are packaged in less-than-straightforward advertisements.

Don’t assume you’re getting the best price just because you’re buying from a Home Improvement store. Do your homework. At Tish Flooring, we will offer you a price comparison versus other flooring estimate, free of charge. We think we’ll have a fair price with upfront information and service you’ll appreciate. For more information, click here.