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Why 2021 Is the Best Time to Plan Your Flooring Updates

2021 is the best time to plan your hardwood flooring updates

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With 2020 safely (and finally) in the rearview mirror, it is time to start looking ahead to all the possibilities and opportunities that are coming along with 2021. Where’s the best place to start? Well, how about your home, better yet your floors?

There were a lot of ups, downs, and distractions in 2020 that caused a lot of homeowners to put off or neglect home improvement and flooring update projects. But now, 2021 is here and there quiet truly has never been a better time to plan flooring updates.

What makes 2021 such an ideal year for new flooring installation? Here are just a few reasons.

Money saved up

Because of travel restrictions between countries, states, and the urge to stay safe this past year because of the coronavirus pandemic, many families chose not to go on their yearly vacation that they may normally have in a normal year.

While missing out on a vacation is something that we think everyone can agree is the pits and everyone certainly deserves to go on a nice, long vacation as soon as things go back to normal, there is one silver lining to having forgone a vacation in 2020: the chance to save up.

Many families have money set aside that they save for a vacation fund each year. Not going on vacation this past year means not having to spend that money on hotels, plane tickets, and vacation activities. This means that money you saved can be spent on much needed flooring updates without eating into other savings. 

Look, no one is made of money, but a little extra vacation money possibly saved up over the past year makes 2021 a great time to invest in your home. 

Welcome back guests in style

This pandemic has been horrible. In order to stay safe, we have been forced to limit time with family and friends to either virtual get togethers and socially distanced in open places like front lawns and parks.

We miss all our friends and family and we will eventually overcome and move past this horrible pandemic. When we do have a chance to get back together it will certainly be a moment to cherish and look forward to. And when we do, we want to welcome them back into our home in style. 

Tossing out your dingy carpet for something fresh or updating the flooring and décor of your living spaces ahead of your big welcome back party, once it is safe to do so, will impress and enthrall your returning guests with a brand new exciting look and feel.

Home sales will rebound

If you were one of many folks with plans to sell your home in late 2019 or early 2020, there is a good chance your plans were put on pause with the beginning of the pandemic. Many potential buyers, trying to stay safer, also put their purchasing plans on pause if they were able.

While the pandemic may have put many buying and selling plans on hold, experts are predicting that we will see a big bounce back in the housing market in 2021 as buyers return to house hunting and sellers begin to prepare their listings once again.

If you are one of these sellers looking to return to the market in 2021, updating your floors is one of the best ways to improve your home, make it more attractive to potential buyers during an open house, and get a nice ROI on your home improvement investment once the sale is made.

You don’t need to wait until spring, you can plan flooring updates for your listing now!

Shake things up

One of the best reasons to update your floors in 2021? Let’s be honest, after a year of staring at the same décor a new update to your home’s décor can be a much needed breath of fresh air. 

We have all spent so much time at home over the last year at home looking at the same old carpet, same old paint, same old tile, same old furniture, and everything in between. You have had plenty of time to grow tired of it and begin to dream up new and exciting new and exciting changes to shake things up around the house.

Your floors are one of the things that you and your guests see first when they walk into a room, so what better place to start your 2021 home improvements? New carpet, tile, hardwood, or resilient flooring can be the perfect centerpiece to base all your other design choices around.

If you have flooring update plans in 2021, there has never been a better time! Let Tish Flooring help you find the perfect flooring for your home and your project. Call 317-879-8474 to schedule your free in-home consultation today.