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How to Utilize Pantone’s Autumn & Winter 2020-2021 Hottest Colors

With autumn finally here we can begin to enjoy the beautiful bounty of colors that nature has in store for us as the temperature drops and the leaves change color. But for fashion forward homeowners, this is also a great time of year to start thinking about the colors inside your home too.
The fashion trend experts at Pantone have once again released their palette for the hottest and most fashionable colors of the 2020-21 autumn and winter seasons. Their selections are full of bold and colorful color choices but are supported by a base foundation of classic colors. The combination of these two color types makes for some fabulous interior decoration ideas for 2021!

If you are looking to turn a new page in 2021 (and who isn’t after the crazy year that has been 2020?), these colors can serve as great inspiration for colors to incorporate into your 2021 interior design choices. 

But where to start? Here’s a rundown of some of Pantone’s most exciting color choices and some ideas on how to use them or what to pair with them.

Keep to the Classics

Some of Pantone’s more vibrant colors can be intimidating for homeowners to think about using in large amounts. Rose Tan, Green Sheen, Amberglow, and Magenta Purple to name a few are beautiful, but are you really going to want your living room covered head to toe in that shade of paint for the foreseeable future?

These colors are gorgeous but can be a lot to take in. That is why we think using Pantone’s selections of “Classics” are the colors you should really be looking at! Almond Oil, Sleet, Blue Depths, and Military Olive offer much more neutral and subtle tones that can serve as a great base for color choices such as your paint and furniture. 

Blue Depths, Sleet, and Military Olive, in particular, are nice darker neutral colors that pair perfectly with the look of lighter hardwood (both real hardwood or vinyl plank), tile, and carpet styles. Almond Oil is a great color choice for cramped rooms that need some help feeling bigger and more inviting

Don’t be intimidated by some of the bold colors on the palette if they aren’t your normal style. Keep to the Classics as the base for your 2021 interior design choices and you won’t go wrong.

Make a Statement

If you feel like making a bolder statement in 2021, the Pantone palette isn’t in short supply! But, what is the best way to incorporate these colors in a stylish and thrilling way? Well, lets see what the experts said!

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute says, “Imbued with strength and personality, colors for Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 encourage our ongoing desire for unique self-expression through creative and unusual visual statements that stand out.”

Deciphering what the folks at Pantone said about their autumn and winter colors, one of the best ways to look at color palette is using them less as wholesale inclusions and more so accents and centerpiece colors to create that bold, visual statement.

In a room filled with lighter tones on the floors and walls, using some of these tones as color choices for furniture, rugs, an accent wall, or other decorative pieces can help draw the eye and give the entire space some “wow factor.”

Want to go for that extra wow? Combine tile in your kitchen or bathroom to use both colors from the Classics palette and the statement colors and create some unique patterns. The Pantone colors are about being used to make a statement. The sky’s the limit!

Want some more help or ideas on how best to reinvent your interior design for the new seasons? Visit our inspiration gallery and then let us bring some of your favorite samples to you! We are taking the utmost caution and safety measures when conducting our in-home estimates to make sure you and your family stay safe. Call (317) 879-8474 today or schedule your appointment online!