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Get Your Carpet Holiday Ready

Company is coming and you want to put your best foot forward. So, as you are tidying up, don’t forget to look down at your carpet. We’ve got some creative quick-fix suggestions. Start by vacuuming up the dust bunnies and spot cleaning the big stains then take another look. Have you reached the point where cleaning just isn’t enough?

Hide Stains with Furniture

Even the worst wine, dirt or pet stain on your carpet can be hidden by resourceful decorator. Strategically placed furniture and area rugs can cover up even the worst stains and make them virtually disappear. Hey, we said quick-fix, didn’t we?

Unfortunately, there’s only so many times you can rearrange your furniture or lay down another rug. If you have reached that point it is time to think about replacing your old carpet with one of the new stain-resistant products that will stand up to the demands of your busy home.

There’s Always Febreze

We love our four-legged friends, but not their hair, dander and potty stains. If you attack the stains quickly you can usually remove the spot, but often the smell remains.

A quick spritz of Febreze or another air freshener can temporarily hide the smell, but if the odor lingers, there is a good chance the pet urine has penetrated the carpet or pad. Lingering smells may also be an indication of mold and mildew growing underneath the carpet.

If the aroma of animal is pervasive in your home, it is time to pull it all up, get a new carpet pad and fresh, stain-resistant, clean-smelling carpet into your home. And maybe a bit of training for your pet. (Just sayin’..)

Get Fuzzy Slippers

When your carpet was new, you probably enjoyed walking across it barefoot. It was so soft and cushiony. After years and years of foot traffic, the fibers have begun to flatten, and the carpet has lost its bouncy, plush feeling. In addition to the carpet itself, the pad underneath has probably begun to wear down as well. All the cleaning and vacuuming in the world won’t bring back it’s cushion.

Want to enjoy walking across the room again? Well, you can always get a pair of fuzzy slippers for every member of your family. They will be warm and comfy, and you won’t feel the worn carpet underneath.

While slippers make lovely holiday gifts, new carpet will probably last longer. Treat yourself to a super soft wool fiber or a plush cut pile soft-nylon.

All Kidding Aside, Carpet Gets Old

The specific lifespan for your carpet will vary based on how it was installed originally, the density quality, and the amount of traffic it has endured over the years. And if it has been properly vacuumed and maintained. However, the average lifespan of carpet tends is about five to ten years for budget to medium grades. After that, you may notice ripples and wrinkles, fading and loss of color and matted fiber in the traffic lanes.

Initially, these may seem like issues that could be resolved with a thorough cleaning but given the age of the carpet it’s likely even a deep clean won’t bring back the original texture and vibrancy.

And just like a facelift, you can sometimes stretch the carpet to smooth out wrinkles, but the process won’t hide the fading, loss of color or stains.

Ready for New Carpet?

So, if you are planning a family celebration for the holidays, you can move the furniture around, spray air freshener and buy comfy slippers for the whole family.  Or if you are through with your old, stained or smelly carpet give us a call.

Call 879-TISH (8474) and we’ll bring samples to you.