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Tips for Creating the Perfect Basement

Winter in Indiana means much more time spent indoors avoiding the sleet and snow. While your home may be a nice warm shelter from the bitter cold, it can be easy to feel a little cooped up. Giving yourself and your family members plenty of their own space. But with only so much space, where can you turn for a little “me time”?

Simply look to the basement! It is one of the most versatile spaces in your home, and the sky’s the limit for what your space can be used for. And you can do so much without adding on. We looked to some of our favorite design blogs for some simple yet effective ways to take your basement to the next level…

Preparation is Key

Having a solid foundation to decorate your space on is an essential part of the process. It’s important to make sure that there is no moisture, rot or carbon monoxide buildup. Make sure your sump pump is in good shape to be able to take on all the water that can find its way into your basement after the snow melts. It doesn’t hurt to have a backup battery either. Proper pipe insulation is also a must. This Old House has a variety of DIY tips for prepping your space that you can’t miss out on.

A Multipurpose Space

Freshome’s ideas for basement decoration all focus on a common theme: functionality. A crucial step to maximizing functionality is determining the best design options for the layout of your basement. Neutral colors and open concepts are a universal tool for giving your basement a light and airy feel, regardless of your layout or any restrictions. Don’t forget to incorporate shelves, cabinets and other storage units of your choice to keep the space clutter-free!

On a Budget

Hunker had some easy and affordable ideas that you can use to create a stunning, yet comfortable area without breaking the bank. An unfinished concrete floor can be painted or stained in earth tones or rich blues, or you can give the look of hardwood or stone flooring by installing vinyl flooring. Vinyl is ultra water resistant, making it one of the best available flooring choices for basements. You can also soften a concrete wall through the use of elegant floor-to-ceiling curtains. Cozy and fun accessories are all the rage and a great way to add the finishing touches and accents! Thrift stores can be a great place to find pillows, blankets, baskets and any other accents you can think of.

Window Decor

Windows can be a great accent to any room. Sunshine Drapery says that a good first step is to determine the function you want your window to serve in the space. Do you want to draw the eye to the window, or away from it to other parts of the room? And of course, consider how much light you want to allow into the room. Make sure you keep surrounding curtains and colors neutral so you don’t have to sacrifice any natural light. Pairing natural lighting with these kinds of light, neutral colors on your walls and floors can help even a cramped basement seem wide open.

Clashing Compliments

Since your basement isn’t often a super visible room for visitors, it’s the perfect space to experiment! You can add a dynamic, refreshed feel to your space by combining different aesthetics, such as pairing contemporary and rustic elements as the perfect way to combine the old and the new. Subdued neutrals can also serve as a canvas for bold primary colors when used on walls, furniture, art pieces and more. Finally, mixed flooring patterns are a surefire way to achieve a high end, customized look.

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