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Family Room Floor and Décor Roundup

There is no more well-loved and well-used room in your home than the family room. It’s the room where laughs are had, kids and pets play and memories are made.

Your family room decoration and decor should be a reflection of the warmth, love and vibrance the room generates. Need to spruce up your family room from cramped and drab to warm and welcoming? Look no further. We looked to some of our favorite home design blogs for some decorating inspiration that your whole family will love.

Have fun with it!

Having fun with your family room’s design makes a world of difference, Freshome says. It’s not difficult to add personality and spice to your space through the use of bright colors and funky seating options. You can even make the room serve multiple functions by adding a workspace or dining area like a breakfast nook.

But don’t forget about the floors! When it comes to family rooms, carpet provides the kind of comfort that you are looking for. With so many different styles and colors of durable and stain resistant carpet, you also won’t have to sacrifice security for comfort and style.

On a budget

Today’s Creative Life has some budget-friendly ideas for a quick family room refresh. You don’t have to replace the problem areas in your family room, but rather enhance the space around them. The most important element in any room is going to be balance. This can easily be achieved by moving pieces in your space (TV’s, chairs, statement pieces, etc.) so that there are no areas of the room that are too “busy”. It’s important to keep clutter away from tables and mantles. And, to top it all off, large, heavy pieces of furniture can be softened by adding cozy accents such as throw pillows and blankets.

Paint colors

SFGate’s ideas for family room decoration starts on the walls. A paint color can give life to any mood or tone you and your family want to express in the space. Neutral colors grant the most versatility when it comes to decorating, and give the lightest and open feel. Warm colors are the way to go if you want a more animated, vivacious aesthetic. In contrast, cool colors reflect a more chilled out, relaxed feel. Which color would fit you and your family?

Special touches

Accessorizing your family room can make a huge difference. Decoholic says that your media center doesn’t have to be the main focus of the room, contrary to popular belief. Different types of art, such as (paintings, photographs, posters, etc.) infuse charisma into your space, and, like paint colors, reflect the personality of your family. You can also mix patterns and cool colors to add a modern, stylish look. And of course, consider adding decorative storage areas to minimize unsightly clutter.

Professional carpet cleaning

Since the family room is one the main areas of a home, heavy foot traffic can take a toll on your carpet. Your carpet can become home to food crumbs, dirt, pet dander, and more, it’s important to get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. Regular vacuuming is essential, but won’t extract all the grime and dirt that are stuck deep in the fibers. Also, a professional carpet cleaning can make your carpet look newer and last longer.

A freshly-cleaned carpet instantly adds a coziness to your space that will be enjoyed by the whole family. Let Tish help you enhance the comfort and style of your family room with the perfect carpet! Call 317-879-TISH (8474) – we bring samples to you!