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2019 Kitchen Fashion Trends

Staying up to date on home fashion trends is important to us at Tish. And being that the kitchen is one of the most heavily used rooms in the home, why not make the most of your kitchen space by incorporating some of the latest trends? We looked to some of our favorite interior designers to see what’s cooking for kitchen trends in 2019!


CliqStudios is all about amping up your cabinet storage in the new year. Taller cabinets create an elegant display that’s still functional and minimizes clutter. And for those that are ergonomically inclined, don’t miss out on trying out base cabinet drawers. Cabinets can also be used as seating furniture for a more built-in look.


The common theme in all of Inman’s style recommendations is wellness. Natural light can relieve stress, and can be brought in through the use of a sliding glass wall, while storage for your fresh food can be maximized by a column refrigerator. Keeping baby boomers in mind, voice-activated technology and “smart” kitchens are all the rage. And to top it all off, Inman also suggests peaceful green and blue visuals that can be displayed anywhere from cabinets to walls to appliances.


According to the White Kitchen Company, brass will be continue to be a popular choice when it comes to accents. Brass can make a statement while paired with minimalistic elements, or other mixed metals. It can be used with handles, small appliances, taps, and more! What could you use brass to accent in your home? The new year would be a perfect time to find out.


Products Magazine had a lot of variety to offer when it comes to hardware options. Modern chic and modern industrial hardware choices are looking to dominate the kitchen this year. Alternatively, “nostalgic warehouse” and other vintage styled looks are still on the rise, both which can incorporate brass accents. Hardware is definitely a versatile element in any remodeling project.

Light Hardwood

Want a modern-looking yet still natural feel in your kitchen? Look no further. One of Tish’s personal favorite flooring options will do just the trick. A neutral-colored floor can be combined with almost any color and texture. Light hardwood can serve as a canvas for almost any aesthetic you can think of. This trend is one you can’t miss if you want to utilize your kitchen space’s design to its fullest potential.