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Matching Floors with The Sherwin Williams Colormix Forecast 2019

Over the past few years, the masters of color and style at Sherwin Williams have released their Colormix Forecast – a collection of the upcoming year’s hottest and most trending colors and the personalities they connect with. Now, their forecast for 2019 is here!

With the new year fast approaching (already?!) it’s a good time to start thinking about what vibes you want to be sending with your home for the coming year and any changes to color and décor you have been dreaming about including.

But what is a brilliant new color without gorgeous floors to pair with them and help bring everything together? The color palettes and personalities highlighted by Sherwin Williams each lend themselves to different styles of floors, each complimenting them in their own way.

If you are planning to let your personality shine through the colors you include in your home in 2019, don’t forget to find the perfect floors to pair them with!

You can see the full report and color palettes here!



A shapeshifter is someone who always seems to be ahead of their time – a creative visionary. This palette utilizes deep blues like Endless Sea, Celestial and Blue Sky along with atmospheric colors like Elation, Nugget, Extra White and Dark Night to capture the unique space between technology and spirituality that seeks to encompass.

Any space you seek out for creativity, inspiration and calm is one where Shapeshifter’s colors are at home. The dark and even lighter blues of this collection make them perfect pairings with white tile floors and backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms. Mohawk’s Ashton Park, in particular, has blue hues will that help your whites stand out even stronger.



A wanderer is someone whose spirit can’t be fenced in and seeks exploration all across the world. These colors are sun-washed and warm, focusing on subtle, brown leathery tones like Baked Cookie, Dark Clove, Caramelized and Sherwin Williams’ 2019 Color of the Year Cavern Clay. Origami White, Moth Wing and Distance mix in other earth tones reflecting the cloud, stones and blue sky.

These earth tones are the perfect backdrop for rustic decors that use leather couches, wool blankets and repurposed wood as decorative elements. It is only natural then that rich, dark hardwood completes the scene these colors help create. Hues like Mannington’s Mayan Pecan add visual depth and richness. Don’t forget about laminate plank either! Plank like Riviera Teak has better resistance to scratches and moisture while displaying real hardwood graining and texture.



An aficionado is a spirit who appreciates the well-worn, the bespoken and the rare. Their adoration of timeless items is reflected in rich colors like Ancestral Gold, Alaea, Dry Dock, Wheat Penny, Merlot and Grandiose that evoke leather-bound books, gold and copper fixtures and merlot.

Those that connect with Aficionado will, of course, want to pair these colors alongside dark hardwood plank that will really help bring out these rich colors. Shaw’s Mineral King, Mohawk’s Gunstock Oak, Hudson Bay Brushwood Hickory and Mannington’s Smokehouse Hickory are all great examples of engineered hardwood that make perfect compliments to these colors.



An enthusiast is passionate and eclectic and strives to be unique in every way. Their bold ways gravitate them towards equally bold and vivid colors that bring with them lots of creative energy. This palette covers a lot of ground from Nebulous White, Gold Crest, Majestic Purple, Positive Red, Argyle to Oceanside.

These bold colors need a complementing floor to help them stand out even more, making the Enthusiast palette a natural pair with lighter carpet and tile in whites, beiges and greys like Shaw’s Abbey Road or Aspen Creek as well as Mannington’s Athena and Shaw’s Coliseum. For an even bolder expression of these vibrant colors, you may also look to bring them out in your floors themselves! You are an enthusiast, after all. Look to styles like Platinum Twist and Fancy That by Shaw.



A naturalist is someone who finds themselves with a strong connection with nature. Whether it’s finding joy in a barefoot stroll through your garden or a weekend in the woods, when a naturalist is in nature they are at home. These colors are lush and sophisticated, all evoking the feelings one gets from the great outdoors. The palette ranges from earthy tones like Shiitake, Felted Wool and Misty to vibrant bursts like Primavera, Dard Hunter Green, Delightful and Eros Pink.

Distressed hardwood plank is a ‘natural’ pairing with the Naturalist palette. These styles of hardwood are defined by natural imperfections, wear, graining and knots that give them a more real-wood look and feel. Look for styles like Shaw’s Landmark Hickory and Mannington’s Smokehouse Oak or tile with a stone aesthetic like Mohawk’s Mesa Del Sol.



A raconteur is a storyteller and a person that thrives in the presence of other. They prefer comfortable and intimate settings where they can better connect with those around them. The colors in this palette evoke feelings of comfort and warmth, like a wool blanket or an inviting old leather couch such as Orchid, Black Bean, Dhurrie Beige, Poised Taupe, Rustic Red or Chelsea Mauve.

Raconteur’s desire a floor that is just as inviting and comforting as their personality, which makes a space embraced by oh-so-soft carpet the obvious choice. The charismatic beiges and browns that are so highlighted by the palette are found in such styles as All Star Weekend, After Hours and Annadelle from Shaw which makes them perfect complimentary or centerpieces.

Want to find floors that help express the real you? No matter if you are an Enthusiast or a Raconteur, Tish Flooring can help bring any space to life.

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