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Welcome Richard Landry to Tish Flooring!

Tish Flooring is pleased to welcome Richard Landry!

Richard joins our ranks as a Project Manager. Richard will serve as the point of contact for customers, helping them select products, measure, quote the project and manage their flooring project from beginning to end to end.

Project management is something Richard is very, very familiar with. Most recently a Project Interiors Specialist with Lowe’s – coordinating flooring, cabinet, lighting and other home design projects – he has several decades experience worth of sales, management and in-home product and flooring expertise at a variety of businesses over the years.

However, it was in flooring where Richard got his start.

“I have years of experience working with and managing flooring projects – so I like it and know it well,” he said. “I really enjoy helping people completely change their space. Customers come to me with an idea or a concept and I get to help them bring it to life with my expertise in design. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

Richard’s favorite part of the home to work on? He loves working on bathroom remodels – specifically tile! Not only is tile a beautiful and dazzling product, Richard says he really loves the challenge that tile presents. If the installer doesn’t know they are doing, they can make some serious and expensive mistakes. But, a project done with knowledge and care can result in something breathtaking.

Richard has years of experience bringing tile bathroom remodels to life, professionally and personally. He had the opportunity to completely transform several bathrooms inside homes built in the 1950’s and 60’s, which he said was an extremely satisfying and complex challenge. He has also lent a hand in the past helping with his brother in-law’s tile business.

We definitely look forward to Richard sharing his infectious tiling passions with the rest of Tish!

Having worked with both small, family businesses and big corporate chains, Richard prefers the personal touch and attention of a small, family business like Tish.

“Within two or three days I realized what a tremendous family atmosphere was at Tish,” he said. “They take the time to help and talk to their own and it really does extend to the public and how they work with customers and whoever comes in the door. This is a place I genuinely enjoy coming to work.”

Richard, a “child of travel,” hails from the great state of Tennessee, where he spent a most of his time growing up and attended the University of Tennessee. Although he has now lived in Indiana the longest of any of his stops along the way (20 years), Tennessee is the place he considers “home.” Although, Indy is a close second!

Currently living in Westfield with his wife, with whom he has five children and three grandchildren, Richard has completely embraced grandfatherhood. His daughter and grandkids recently moved close by and he spends much of his free time with his family. The grandkids even have their own rooms at his house and sleep over often.

A big sports fan, Richard has coached softball and baseball in the past for his own children and is a big fan of NASCAR and the Tennessee Volunteers, particularly the football and softball teams. He said his wife often teases that he knows more about the softball team than the football team… a fact Richard can’t deny!

When he isn’t working Richard also likes to spend time in his garage-turned-wood working shop. One of his biggest passions, however, may surprise you: Richard and his wife are huge Disney fans. Not just big fans; HUGE fans!

Richard is part of the Disney Vacation Club and has a timeshare at Disney World that he, his wife, his children and grandchildren visit sometimes four or five times a year! His favorite ride? Avatar’s Flight of Passage. His favorite movie? Cars, naturally.

We are thrilled to have Richard join our team. Be sure to come by, introduce yourself and talk a little Disney with him! And, if you have an idea for a project you want to see come to life, call 317-879-TISH (8474) today or schedule your free, in-home consultation online – we bring samples to you!