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5 Things Home Buyers are Looking for in 2018

Spring has nearly sprung which means home buying and selling season will soon be in full swing.

“For Sale” signs will soon be popping up left, right and center, open houses will be held and moving trucks will start hitting the streets as folks move into their new homes.

In real estate, a house that lingers on the market can dramatically reduce much of the profit that a home seller is counting on. If you are one of the many people putting their home up for sale this spring or are trying to sell it as their Realtor, you want to accelerate the listing and sale process as much as possible.

So, when trying to make a home as appealing as possible, it is important to know the answer to this simple question: “what features are most important to prospective buyers?” Armed with these insights, you can invest wisely, reduce days on market and enjoy a higher profit.

So, what are home buyers looking for in 2018?

The Less Work, the Better

The number one thing people in the market for a new home are NOT looking for is a home that is going to require a lot of improvements. Especially cosmetic improvements. Sellers cannot afford to have a home on the market that requires the new owner to spend their time and money on major corrections.

Things like crooked gutters, wobbly door knobs, loose siding, cracked tiles and a broken fence can be instant turn-offs for buyers. Generally speaking, if the highly visible details are all updated and in good condition, you’re already ahead of the game.

Plenty of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can help make a space feel more open, reduce the need for additional lamps and light sources and makes an area feel fresh and inviting. Ample natural light sources have become more important over time.

If you are considering major remodeling prior to putting your home on the market, consider installing large bay windows or adding other large widows, skylights or glass doors. Give windows a good cleaning (inside and out!) and keep shrubs, trees and bushes outside from blocking them by keeping them trimmed and well-manicured.

Energy Efficient

Going green isn’t just smart – it’s popular! Homes that incorporate energy-saving features are particularly attractive to home-seekers in 2018. Depending on you or your clients’ budget and needs, there are a wide range of updates and alternative products available.

Installing solar panels and modern, more “green” appliances in your kitchen and laundry room can offer huge savings on energy bills. Installing updated windows and doors that improve insulation and energy-efficient light bulbs are features that are valued by many millennial or (Gen Y) and Gen X homebuyers.

Time Tested, but Not Lived In

Some home buyers are looking for a new home that will stand the test of time – a home that can be in a family for generations. A home with a sturdy, aged aesthetic (whether it really is that old or not) is one that will resonate with buyers whose tastes are traditional or classic.

Here are some design elements to consider if you’re trying to create a rich, traditional interior theme:

  • Wide-plank hardwood floors
  • White cabinetry, white retro porcelain fixtures and bathroom appliances
  • Wider trim carpentry (baseboards, door encasements and crown molding)
  • Granite countertops and neutral-colored subway tile (for backsplashes or feature walls)
  • Beadboard for feature walls

Of course, these approaches are appropriate for both sellers and buyers.

Open Flow

Gone are the days of cluttered living spaces filled with lots of “knickknacks.” Trends for living rooms, kitchens, dining areas and bedrooms continue to emphasize order and organization. For example, in a home listed for sale, furniture arranged strategically to maximize volume and openness is key.

Using lighter and more neutral colored carpet, flooring and paint is a simple and effective way to make a space appear to be larger and more open. These lighter colors reflect light much differently than darker colors.

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