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Is Berber Carpet Out of Style?

There’s a rumor going around: is Berber carpet is going out of style?

Berber carpet, known for its looped texture, has been a popular carpeting style for the past several decades and has been a staple for homeowners, builders and designers across the country. However, there has been a debate in design circles recently: is Berber in or out? Based on trends on the US coasts and throughout the trade, the answer to that question has come into focus.

Gone are the days of big, bulky looped Berbers for rec rooms and basements. Looped construction carpet products have been completely re-imagined by textile and carpet design houses. Now, tailored loops, micro-Berber and subtle cut-and-loop textures have taken hold. We continue to see smaller denier, finer-looped fabrics, some with very small patterns and others with more dramatic pattern repeats. But, almost all residential broadloom in looped-type designs are presented in nature’s basic range of muted, soft and warm colors.

So, tailored Berber carpet products are on the rise, despite what some say. Here is what you should know.

Berber is Beautiful!

Berber offers dimension and aesthetics completely different from plushes. The loop style of Berber and cut and loop variations offers styling options that can blend disparate elements of a space or set a space off with visual interests such as with a curvilinear or subtle geometric pattern. Plush alone can fee pretty vanilla next to certain, high-style Berbers.

Berber is Budget Friendly

With Berber, you can almost always find a style that looks richer than its price tag. Since many Berbers have a range of different colored flecks or tweeds, they can tie in competing colors in a given space and hide soiling. Thus, longer appearance retention and a longer lie cycle equals fewer professional cleanings and less frequent replacement. Last we checked, affordability never goes out of style!

Berber Can Do It All

Wide-ranging variety, affordability and versatility. Back in the day, Berber carpet was almost used exclusively in basements. Newer Berber styles, however, are far more versatile than their forerunners. Microberbers and looped style of all stripes are now specified for just about every room including stairs and halls.

If you are thinking about bringing Berber into your home, however, here is one thing homeowners should be mindful of.

Berber Is Not Ideal for Pets

If you have furry, four-legged family members, you may want to consider an alternative carpet choice. The same loop-and-cut style that makes Berber so beautiful also, unfortunately, makes it susceptible to getting caught and snagged on claws and nails. Some pets can even get fixated on a spot and fray the carpet.

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