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Tish’s 100% Waterproof RigidBoard Plank

Happy new year! We at Tish Flooring hope you had a happy holiday and wish you all the best in 2018.

This time of year holds promise. It represents new opportunities, a chance to start fresh, change things up and chart a new course. This can be especially true for homeowners. Often transforming our physical space – our home – is a first step to toward making positive change. Does this describe you?

If you’re thinking of making a splash in 2018, start with your floors. (As you’ll read below, making a splash on your floors, quite literally, is no problem in 2018). As an interior element that unifies the entire home new flooring can and will rejuvenate a dated interior design theme.

But what kind of flooring is right for you? If you’ve got a busy home full of pets or kids (or both!) you need floors that can stand up to the abuse and demands of daily life and that can be forgiving when the unexpected occurs.

Tish Flooring’s RigidBoard Plank is a type of new plank flooring that has gotten the attention of HGTV and DIY network designers and their followers. If on-trend looks, performance and ease of maintenance are a high priority, RigidBoard is your answer. Here’s why…

100% Waterproof

Spills, pet accidents and water intrusion from a pipe burst, over-flowing toilet or clothes washer are simply no challenge for RigidBoard. It is 100% premium grade, synthetic resilient plank. That means you can have it installed worry-free in the wettest, damp, high-moisture areas of your home. It works in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and is especially great for basements that are prone to flooding.

Scratch Resistant

Have kids running in and out of the house all day with shoes on? How about dogs and cats with long, gnarly nails? RigidBoard is scratch resistant, so your worries about scuffs and scratches can melt away. This also makes it a terrific option for dining rooms and livings rooms. Constantly moving chairs and other furniture with proper protective pads won’t harm these floors the way they could on hardwood.

And the beauty to bring it all together

A waterproof and scratch resistant floor couldn’t possibly look beautiful too, could it? With RigidBoard, you get waterproof, durability and beauty. This laminate floor comes in a multitude of rich stain looks and authentic wide-plank formats, capturing the real look and feel of true hardwood flooring.

You can find a look perfect for your living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room or hallways. It even goes on stairs!

Currently, Tish Flooring is stocking the four most popular natural colors nationwide in this line. These colors have bulk-negotiated pricing and are available for immediate installation. Samples of all four colors can be brought to your home at the time of your FREE estimate and installed at $4.63 per square foot while supplies last.

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It’s a new year, why not make it a new home too?


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