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Last-Minute Design Tips for Holiday Procrastinators

Happy Holidays from Tish Flooring! We hope your home is filled with holiday cheer, memorable times with company and warmth throughout the season.

Some of us stragglers haven’t made the time – or we simply don’t have the time –  or energy or resources to stage an entire ‘holiday makeover’ in preparation for the upcoming festivities and guests who will be visiting. We’re running way behind on holiday decorating and we need a just a few inexpensive hacks to infuse our home with the holiday spirit right now.

Here are three quick, easy ways to make it happen without heavy expense or demands on time:

Pop in a new, festive area rug

When you and your loved ones are gathering around the fireplace or you are trying to create a new focal point in your living room or den, there’s no better addition than a dynamic area rug. It also creates a soft landing for certain family members who tend to bounce, crawl and flop. (Okay…we’re referring to young children here, but this works for an over-celebrater like Aunt Marge from Kalamazoo, too.)

With endless availability of styles, colors and sizes, finding the perfect rug to match your space or capture the holiday feelings is easier than ever.

Look for plush, comfy area rugs to lay over top your hardwood, laminate or tile floors that utilize reds, greens, silver, white or combinations of each. You may like it enough to keep it out all year round but, if not, rugs are easy enough to roll up and stash away for another day.

Holiday scents and candles

Even if you can’t hang all the lights and tinsel and decorate every window, you can easily delight your guests’ other senses.

The holidays are the best time of year for baking delicious treats that fill your home with nostalgic aromas. A surefire way to say “Happy Holiday sand welcome to our home!” is to head down to the Bed, Bath and Beyond and grab a couple holiday-scented candles; these will certainly illuminate your spaces and create just the right ambiance for gatherings.

Decorations can also help in the scent department too; evergreen trees, wreaths and other decorations are holiday staples. Just keep Aunt Marge a safe distance from the pine needles.

Incorporate seasonal colors

When it comes to seasonal colors, don’t just stop at the rug. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. The more color, the merrier!

Rich reds, greens, whites and silvers are great colors to incorporate in a variety of ways like pillows, blankets, glasses, plates and accents like picture frames and centerpieces on tables.

Don’t forget about holiday decorating knick-knacks. Sure, some may be a little corny, but inexpensive decorative items like tinsel, mistletoes, wreaths and a few lights will effectively add a visual interest and vibrancy to your space without requiring too much time or money.

These are simple suggestions to get your home ready for the holidays. If you are wanting to go all out, there is no better way to change the look and feel of a home than with new flooring!

If you’re ready to make a change, Tish Flooring is ready to help! Call 317-879-TISH (8474) today or schedule your FREE, in-home, no-obligation estimate online to find out more. We also carry a line of rugs that can help you cover your quick-fix holiday decorating needs.