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It is important for neighbors to be connected. Keeping one another informed about goings-on in the neighborhood can be a matter of both safety and quality of life.

But, it isn’t always so easy. Do you really think it is practical to go to everyone’s house to get their phone numbers? Are you really going to go door-to-door every day to touch base? No. You simply do not have the time and it is not practical.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to keep in touch with everyone in your neighborhood from your home. Have you ever checked out

Nextdoor is a private, online community. It is a space that allows members of a neighborhood to communicate, much like a private Facebook page. And Nextdoor is just that – private. Nextdoor only allows verified residents of your neighborhood into the group.

So, why is Nextdoor such a helpful tool for your community? Here are just a few of the perks and things you do with Nextdoor.

Form a Neighborhood Watch

Safety is always a top concern for neighborhoods. A Neighborhood Watch is a great way to get everyone involved and active in community security.

If your neighborhood currently doesn’t have one, Nextdoor is the perfect way to get it started. The tool allows you to find out who is interested in helping, set tasks and schedules and also have a space to instantly share updates for the watch.

Immediate Alerts

It is important to keep everyone in the know. As soon as something noteworthy happens in your neighborhood, the faster everybody knows the better. Nextdoor allows you the ability to disseminate information to the neighborhood in an instant.

It can be something small or even something of great significance. If there is a new obstruction on the street you or other traffic concerns you can alert everyone. If a dog or cat goes missing, you don’t have to go around placing posters, just send the info out over Nextdoor. Or, if there was a car break-in you can immediately inform everyone to keep an eye out or to park their cars in a garage.

Organize Neighborhood Activities

Most neighborhoods have many activities year-round, whether it’s a pool party, movie night at the community center, neighborhood cookout, birthday party, trash pick-up or any number of different events.

Nextdoor is a venue that allows you to announce and organize these kinds of happenings. Check to make sure Linda across the street is making her famous potato salad for the barbecue or find out if the new family is attending the fun run.

Find the Best Services in Town

Many informed buyers take recommendations very seriously. We are sure you know this well, that a recommendation from someone you know is much stronger than any advertisement on TV, radio or the newspaper.

Nextdoor is the perfect place to get recommendations and find the best services around. Looking for a babysitter? Someone in your neighborhood may know someone they use frequently that is reliable. Thinking about putting up some new paint in your living room? Jim across the street could know a crew that does quality work at a reasonable price. Want new flooring installed? Ask around your neighborhood to find out who they trust for the best prices and best workmanship.

Are you on Nextdoor? Have we had the pleasure of helping you install new flooring in the past? We would love to hear about your experiences with Tish Flooring on Nextdoor.